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Selection principle of heat pipe
Jun 14, 2018

(1) the general customer is the most used stainless steel 304 material

    Working environment is generally divided into dry and liquid heating, if it is dry, such as for the oven, duct heater, you can use carbon steel material, you can also use stainless steel 304 material. If it is heated liquid, if the water, with stainless steel heating tube, the stainless steel is generally stainless steel 304 material, if the oil, you can use carbon steel or stainless steel 304 material. If with a weak acid alkaline liquid, you can use stainless steel 316 material. If the liquid has a strong acid, it should be used stainless steel 316, PTFE or even titanium tube.

(2) according to the working environment to determine the power of the heating pipe.

Power set, the main is dry burning heat pipe and liquid heating, dry burning, then the general length of a pipe to do 1KW, heating liquid, usually a meter length of the tube to do 2-3KW, the largest not more than 4KW.

(3) according to the customer's electric heating device selection heat pipe shape.

Stainless steel heating tube of the ever-changing shape, the most simple is straight rod, U-shaped and then to shaped. The specific circumstances of the use of specific shape of the heat pipe.

(4) According to the use of the customer's heating pipe to determine the heat pipe wall heat pipe power calculation performance curve

     Generally, the wall thickness of the heat pipe is 0.8mm, but according to the working environment of the heating pipe, such as the case of large water pressure, it is necessary to use a seamless stainless steel pipe with thick wall thickness to make electric heating pipe.

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