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Stainless steel heating tube
Sep 27, 2017

Stainless steel electric heating tube is a metal shell, along the axial uniform spiral tube center electric thermal bonding wire, nickel chromium, iron chromium alloy) the gap filling compaction with good thermal conductivity of insulating oxide sintered magnesia, nozzle with silica gel or ceramic seal on both ends. Stainless steel electric heating tube is specially converts electrical energy into heat energy electrical components, due to its high thermal efficiency, easy to use, simple installation, no pollution, is widely used in all kinds of heating occasions, use more in electric heating boiler. The service life of the stainless steel tube is very long, and the general design service life is over 10000 hours.


1. Small size and power: the electric heater mainly adopts cluster tubular heating element, and the maximum power of each cluster tubular electric heating element is 5000KW;

2. Fast thermal response, high temperature control and high comprehensive thermal efficiency;

3. Wide range of applications and strong adaptability: the circulating heater can be used for explosion proof or ordinary occasions, and its explosion-proof grades can reach class B and C, and its withstand voltage can reach 10Mpa. Vertical or horizontal installation can be used according to the user's requirement.

4, high heating temperature, the highest working temperature is 850 ℃, the heater design can't get this is the general heat exchanger;

5. Full automatic control: through the design of this heater circuit, it is convenient to realize automatic control of parameters such as outlet temperature, pressure and flow, and can be connected with the computer to realize man-machine dialogue;

6, long life, high reliability: the heater adopts special electric materials, and design of power load are more reasonable, heater adopting multiple protection, safety and life of the heater was greatly increased.

Application scope:

(electric stove, electric heating boiler in the boiler, the electric heating boiler, electric bath boilers, electric steam boiler, etc.), electric oven, chemical equipment, plastic molding and auxiliary equipment, hot press molding machinery, tobacco machinery, rapid sealing machine, pharmaceutical machinery, sauna equipment, electric hot water boiler, kitchen equipment, industrial cleaning equipment, commercial air conditioning and water equipment, solar energy equipment, electric fryer, wave soldering electronic automation equipment, semiconductor eutectic welding heat input, die casting and not sprue injection, plastic, food, medical, textile, oil, machinery, electroplating, packaging and other industries of fever machinery supporting components.

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