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Standard for Temperature of Electric Heating
Jan 20, 2018

Standard for Temperature of Electric Heating

Electric heating pipe materials are mainly ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel and copper material, according to different electric heating pipe work environment, the different materials allow the use of temperature is not the same, and now the Swiss high electric to introduce you to the general electric heating The use of common materials, the temperature of the tube standard:

Let's look at the maximum permissible operating temperatures for different materials:

The maximum operating temperature of copper heating tube is 170 ℃;

The maximum temperature of the aluminum alloy electric heating pipe is 260 ℃,

Carbon steel electric heating pipe of the maximum operating temperature of 400 ℃,

Stainless steel electric heating tube of the maximum temperature of 600 ℃,

Nickel-based alloy steel electric tube the maximum temperature of 850 ℃.

     The above data are from the "JB / T2379-93 industrial electric heating pipe standard", the theoretical data is only a rough data, the actual data can consult the company's technical staff.

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