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Technical parameters of electric heating pipes for industrial use
Jan 18, 2018

Technical parameters of electric heating pipes for industrial use

Industrial electric heating rods used in plastic molding dies, hot pressing machinery, cigarette machinery, rapid sealing machine, pharmaceutical machinery, analytical instruments, footwear industry, semiconductor eutectic welding, die casting heating and no runner injection of various gases Expansion of the cooling effect of equipment such as heating.

Rui high electric heating tube production experience, according to the use of electric heating tube design of the scientific environment to improve the use of electric heating pipe safety and life.


Technical parameters of industrial heating tube:


● Diameter of heating tube: ф6 ~ ф25㎜


● Heating pipe: heat-resistant seamless stainless steel pipe, the use of high temperatures up to 700 ℃


● input power and power: on-demand order


Industrial heating tube features:


● long service life, the internal structure design is reasonable. Imported high-purity magnesium oxide mandrel and filling material, high thermal conductivity


● Adopts non-core grinding equipment, high standardization degree of pipe diameter, close coordination with equipment assembly, high thermal efficiency and fast heat dissipation.


● advanced technology products, more stable quality, enhance the use of security equipment


● All models are manufactured according to CE standards, to meet the needs of most machines


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