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Technical treatment of electric wire
Jun 26, 2017

Iron-chromium aluminum or tungsten, molybdenum electric alloy wire dense wound molding, can be used vertically, the surface by the insulation of anti-oxidation and anti-proliferation treatment. The surface has good insulation and anti-oxidation performance, at the rated power of the temperature of almost no oxidation, no nickel-chromium oxide pollution.

The service life of this product is more than dozens of times times higher than ordinary electric filament, its main performance is as follows:

1) Insulation Resistance: multimeter detection Infinite

2 Surface insulation antioxidant layer Thickness: 3-12 microns

3 insulation Layer single layer withstand pressure is greater than AC 50V without breakdown

4 Voltage: 6-380v

5 Thermal shock performance: can withstand hot and cold shocks 500-6000 times without deformation

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