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The attention item of electric wire
Jun 26, 2017

1, the highest use temperature of the component refers to the surface temperature of the component itself in the dry air, not the temperature of the furnace or the heated object, the surface temperature is about 100 degrees higher than the furnace temperature, therefore, taking into account the above reasons, in the design of components should pay attention to the use of temperature, when the use of temperature beyond a certain limit, the components themselves to accelerate the oxidation, heat resistance, especially the iron-chromium aluminum electric alloy elements, easy deformation, collapse, and even break, and shorten the service life.

2, the highest use of the component temperature and component line diameter also has a considerable relationship, in general, the maximum use of the components of the temperature of the wire diameter should not be less than 3mm, flat belt thickness is not less than 2mm.

3, the corrosive atmosphere in the furnace and the highest use temperature of components also have a considerable relationship, and often due to the corrosive atmosphere exists and affect the use of temperature and service life.

4, because of the low temperature strength of iron chrome aluminum, components at high temperature to make it easy to deformation, such as the selection of improper wire diameter or inappropriate installation, will be due to high temperature deformation caused by the collapse of components, short circuit phenomenon, so in the component design, must take into account its factors.

5, iron chromium aluminum, nickel, chromium and other series of electric alloy due to their respective chemical composition of the different, its use temperature, antioxidant performance to use the resistivity of different triazole determines the length of the use of temperature, in the Fe-CR hot alloy materials determine the resistivity of Al elements, Ni-cr electrothermal alloy material determines the resistivity of the component is n i element. In the high-temperature state, the oxide film produced by the surface of the alloy element determines the service life, and the internal structure of the components is constantly changing due to the use of the long period of time, and the oxide film produced by the surface is aging and destroyed. The internal elements of its components are constantly consumed. such as Ni, AL, so as to shorten the service life, therefore, in the selection of electric wire wire diameter should be used in the specification of wire or thick one-point flat belt.

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