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The design method and steps of electric heating element tubular heaters
Dec 29, 2017

The design method and steps of electric heating element tubular heaters

Electric heating element tubular heaters tube in the design process and the general method of mechanical parts or electrical components of the design process is essentially different, it focuses on the environment and the use of the function closely with the practicality of the electric tube design work is: the product Technical design and production process design of the two major parts. In these two parts of the design content, the technical design of the product is mainly aimed at the work of all state-owned characteristic indicators of the product. As the designer's way of thinking and actual working ability level can be fully displayed and displayed through the concrete product design, The process design of the main content: the production process for the end product to meet the design specifications and determine the process and process assurance measures. In the process of design process to focus on: to meet the technical performance of the product under the premise of the operating methods used to improve operational efficiency and process engineering design, such as: product process design process of the decomposition of the positioning process, Of the equipment, tooling, molds, fixtures, measuring the design of the content, in short, the process design of the direct object of service for the production line. In other industries, technical design and process design in essence, there are strict boundaries, and in the electric tube industry, although the primary and secondary division of the two, but there is no obvious boundaries, on the contrary, the two design process is mutual To complement the perfect. Technical design of the rigid index selection process must be reliable for the prerequisite for the formal identification of the process design process must be in series with the technical design indicators as the basis for engineering design, so in the electric tube manufacturing industry, it can be said technology and technology Design is combined into a special sector, that is, the concept of electric heating tube design method.

First, product design feasibility analysis

In the design of the heating element tubular heaters tube, the first design process, the specific content includes the following: electric tube design work carried out before, whether it is newly developed products, or imitation work, must first conduct a feasibility analysis of products, and products Of the feasibility of the work involved in the content of the steps are:

1, the review of the main technical indicators Check and estimate: the main technical indicators in this referred to include components of the environmental system parameters of the profile, the components of the main design parameters index value calculation, for example: effective heat area calculation, the effective heating area Of the area load, the temperature of the working state of the table is estimated, the above content can be based on conventional experience to determine whether the product has the feasibility of the design.

2, the feasibility of the main process and materials: the design of the reference design process products involved in the process characteristics and material characteristics of the coordination of each other to meet the conditions, such as: tube design requirements of the material R will meet the nature of the material? Another example is the process involved in the surface treatment of the pipe can meet the processing of a variety of physical and chemical reactions? These factors determine the specific design work to start the preparatory work.

3, the product shape design of the initial validation work, for the preparation of the product to calculate the shape of the structure must have a comprehensive review process,

 '¡audit whether to meet the requirements of various assembly conditions;

② should consider whether it has a contradictory content of the safety requirements;

③ to a comprehensive review of its appearance and structure to meet customer requirements,

④ to consider whether there is any need to improve the content of their products.

When the feasibility analysis of the above content after the full, and then start its specific design work, first of all is the technical design work, now on how to expand the technical design work to do the following sections:

Second, technical design work

1, the overall design of electric heating element tubular heaters tube products

(D) the main technical indicators to determine and mark; (e) parts of the product (e) of the product design specifications; (c) the design of the general assembly of the product, including the following: (a) the product dimensions; Icon design and specific design; (f) other additional instructions. These contents will now explain their details:

(A) the size of the various parts of the product: the size of the product of different types of tubes have different requirements, such as: stainless steel water pipe shape contour line line only focus on the shape of the size of the size limit to do control, Will focus on the control of the site size on the installation of the quality control. The current requirements of the overall size of the product components, will strictly control the size of the installation of the thermostat, attention to the overall size of the product, while the other tube in the forming process of the accuracy requirements are generally low, but: The hollow tube and the die-cast electric tube focus on the formed dimensions because they are used in a substantially integral manner in a fixed mold cavity or in a defined position.

(B) of the internal structure of the cross-section: the general structure of the internal structure of the profile is concerned about the use of lead-out rod in the built-in length of the tube, tube sealing method, tube and component combinations, etc., it is equivalent to mechanical parts Sectional or assembly drawing. In the internal structure of the heating element in the process of cross-section, as far as possible on the key parts of amplification, analysis clearly, for example: the detailed requirements of the size of the brazing position.

(C) combination of parts: means between the components of the combination of electric heating elements in the welding or link mode, the current welding method used in electric heating elements of the method are: high-frequency brazing, brazing furnace, flame drill Welding, spot welding, planting welding, welding, etc., in the marked content as far as possible marked by the standard clear and complete.

(D) the main technical indicators of the product requirements: on the one hand, in the general diagram shows clearly focused on the column clearly stated, while the IEC351-1 standard part of the provisions are: models, specifications, trademarks, etc. should be part of a component Labeling, exact location, shape and size of a specific description.

(5) The indication of the product component icon is the same as that in the general product design process and will not be displayed or explained here.

(6) Additional explanations include the layout of the general layout, the control of Chinese and foreign language translation and so on.

2, the general process of product design

Product process map refers to the product design process flow chart, it refers to the electric heating elements in accordance with the sequence of the process of changing the shape of the process diagram. The general plan design is a primitive and cumbersome technical work, through the process map display, the basic requirements are: at a glance the order of the work process, the decomposition process of the station, the amount of fixture tool design , The quality of the job site skills requirements. In the process of general design process should pay attention to: ① process clear and concise; ② the use of alternating structure of the job to make the main road map in the cycle of the shortest state; ③ general principle of the total number of instructions and serial number instructions by the two parts.

After the completion of the general product design and process design should be carried out in a timely manner after the initial validation work, this kind of validation of a variety of ways, generally related to the design of key personnel in the product line convened by the responsible person to review, Without the premise of the principle of re-entering the technical design of products and specific process design.

3, the technical application of the product design

The technical application design of the product is based on the general design of the product. It includes the calculation of the current intensity of the heating wire, the calculation of the rated resistance, the specification of the heating element, the calculation of the heating wire winding diameter, Creepage distance, calculate the relative spacing and absolute spacing of heating wire, calculate the tube surface load, calculate the wire surface load, calculate the heating wire heat, check the thermal parameters, select the magnesium powder type, etc., purely technical application of heating pipe Content, due to various types of products with larger design standards and parameters and different projects, not to explain.

Above, we just made a brief description of the technical application design content of the product, and the contents of these work also need to use the product technical design specification to show the form, otherwise the work is not conducive to review the work started, do not meet the technical Management requirements, the enterprise is not conducive to the accumulation of technological achievements, the overall requirements: standards, norms, clear and complete.

(1), the product of the specific process design

It is the overall working principle of the overall process design under the guidance of the station process specific work, the main content is to determine the various process parameters: process operation methods, tooling mold, fixture, measuring the design, manufacturing process The preparation of the manual, the work flow of the production process instructions, etc., in the course of the work process also need to configure the equipment, operating notes, bill of materials and other related operations involved in the whole process of all related content in this document complete expression.

(2), the sample production process

According to the overall process design-oriented, in the specific process design under the guidance of the design of the initial production of products in the initial manufacturing process, on the one hand in strict accordance with the default program, but also a complete record of the production process of all phenomena and data, Including the following: Winding (wire) resistance changes, increase the resistance of the changes in the powder tube, shaping and shaping resistance change, shrinkage ratio, the length of the built-in lead column, plus the density of powder statistics, shrink tube density calculation review, annealing ..., etc., all the specific content of the production process should have a digital original records and status description, including the production of the degree of difficulty of the situation should have a detailed record of data.

(3), the sample test

 The content of the work involves the most work, after this work, can be found all previous work qualified or not? Whether it needs to be amended to supplement and improve? The overall content of the test can be divided into three steps: A. The shape of the product meets the design requirements; B. Whether the technical performance of the product through the experiment or test, whether the design indicators, user acceptance criteria, industry safety requirements The standard is carried out together; C. The record data in the production process and the design process parameter contrast analysis, and the above question feedback departments concerned.

After the completion of the above work, the modification to be modified, not perfect to perfect, and after continuous improvement after the re-sample until the qualified products come out by the relevant personnel for the overall Huisongjianjian, confirmed under the premise of Complete product design content, therefore, a complete product design process we use the following chart shows:

General design--modify--Audit--Technical Application Design〗

                                                 Sample preparation--test-Review of the order-use

Total process design--modify--Audit-Specific process design〗

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