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The design of electric heating tube and the blackening of magnesium powder
Jan 17, 2018

The design of electric heating tube and the blackening of magnesium powder

Electric heating tube using MgO powder as filler, which is a familiar method, but some electric heating tube power after use, the electrical performance deteriorated soon, high voltage, insulation, leakage increases, the serious will cause the metal sheath tube burst, When we will this electric tube dissection, the four powder has been found from the original M white or light yellow to gray or black. Moreover, no matter what kind of powder, including imported powder, including, are likely to turn black. Therefore, looking for the causes of magnesium powder black and take appropriate preventive measures, manufacturers and researchers are concerned about a topic. In this paper, the design of electric heating pipe and the relationship between magnesium black, from a technical discussion. work. The Control Method of Magnesium Oxide Powder Production Enterprise

The domestic production of magnesium powder about dozens of enterprises, due to the different raw materials procurement, production technology, processing equipment, different quality assurance system for different reasons: the quality of its production of magnesium powder level is not the same. Due to the relationship between market competition, the production of magnesium powder production technology secrets that iron barrels in general, which to some extent affected the magnesium powder production technology development and effective quality control; on the other hand, these "iron Barrel "is an open secret, but their implementation of the" ostrich policy "only, is not conducive to the development of the industry and improve the technical level.

(Party A) ordered 20 tons of low-temperature modified magnesium powder to a magnesium powder production enterprise (Party B) and proposed that the Party B should go to Party A for field inspection and approval according to the standard of SQgo02, but Party B lost it for the sake of confidentiality. This order, of course, whether there are other reasons is not clear.

① raw material origin should be stable

Magnesium oxide powder production is magnesite, about 47.6% of the MgO, Liaodong Peninsula in China has a large number of magnesite base, but the ore content in different regions are not the same. Example: Fengcheng water magnesium ore, because the crystallization can not be excluded in the smelting, therefore, affecting the quality of fused crystalline magnesium oxide; and Pa rock production of fused magnesite crystal fused yellow and white color clear, golden shiny , More than made of electric heating pipe raw materials.

Some units of the magnesite awareness is not enough, regardless of March 27, as long as the fused crystalline magnesium oxide block, cheap to buy, not at home to do a rigorous screening, ground into powder, and then mixed with silicone, Declared the end of production, the powder made of electric heating pipe is more prone to quality problems.

We have been tested and found in different areas of magnesium powder. The same modification process, the performance of magnesium powder is different, some coating, water, heat, flow rate is very good, while others will not fully explain the importance of raw materials to the origin of stability.

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