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The heater works
Dec 06, 2017

The heater works

Heater core is the principle of energy conversion, the most widely used is to convert electrical energy into heat energy. Such as electric heaters, used in an alternating magnetic field of eddy currents in the metal itself heat absorption, is electric energy into light energy; such as solar water heaters, Sun radiant heat and solar energy (photovoltaic) converted into heat both; biomass is biological carrier converts solar energy to chemical energy storage in the form of energy, which directly or indirectly from photosynthesis. In addition, there are nuclear, wind energy conversion mode, but generally needs to be converted into electrical energy.

Inverter can only change alternating current frequency, thus changing the rotation speed of the motor, to change the purpose of the power output of the motor. Heater is not turning, frequency converter cannot control the velocity.

1. resistance heaters heating is the most primitive, so efficiency is also the worst, usually thermal efficiency of only about 70%, a lot of heat into the air.

2. compared to the infra-red heating resistance is a little better, but still a lot of heat into the air, but not infrared itself into the air, but the object to be heated the heat into the air.

3. flying such as solenoid heater is a layer of insulation when wrapped in heated objects, then the magnetic field through the insulating layer directly heating the object itself, so the heat almost without loss of efficiency is the highest, the thermal efficiency is more than 95%. And since the fly like electromagnetic heating heater is heating objects so there is no loss of the heat transfer and energy saving is about resistance heating 30%-70% under the same conditions, characteristics of infra-red heaters because the heat and electromagnetic heating can not do a detailed comparison, but gives the temperature calculation should fly under the same conditions as electromagnetic heating infrared heating energy savings of more than 20%.

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