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The heating tube is of the kind used
Jun 13, 2018

Electric heat pipe production commonly used types are: acid refractory steel, alkaline refractory

 steel, oxide data, neutral refractory steel, refractory compound materials and high temperature

 compound. Usually we call ordinary steel and specialty steel.

The use of raw materials are silica, waste silicon brick and other electric tube. Silica brick 

anti-acid slag corrosion can be strong, but susceptible to alkaline slag corrosion, load softening

 temperature is very high, close to its refractoriness, after repeated calcination volume is not

 shortened, the larger amount of silica brick and clay brick. Silicone brick is containing more 

than 93% SiO2 siliceous products. Even slightly inflated, but the thermal shock resistance is

 poor. Silica brick is mainly used for coke oven, glass melting furnace, acid-making steel

 furnace and other thermal equipment. Clay brick containing 30% to 46% alumina, refractory

 clay as the primary raw material, refractoriness 15801770 ℃, good thermal shock resistance,

 are weak acid refractory, acid slag corrosion resistance, the use of universal, the current

 output The largest category of refractory steel, which belongs to ordinary steel.

To galvanite-based crystal production of electric tube. Magnesite produced by the main raw 

materials magnesite, seawater magnesia extracted from the sea by the high temperature of 

magnesium hydroxide calcined) and so on. Alkaline slag and iron slag has a good resistance. 

Pure magnesium oxide melting point of up to 2800 ℃, represented by magnesia products. Containing

 80% or more of magnesium oxide. Thus, the fire resistance of the magnesia brick is higher than 

that of the clay brick and the silica brick. Since the mid-20th century, since the mid-50s,

 because of the use of oxygen blowing converter steel and the use of alkaline furnace furnace

 top, alkaline refractory production gradually added, clay brick and silicate brick production

 is cut. Alkaline refractories are mainly used for oxygen blowing converter, flat furnace, 

electric furnace, nonferrous metal smelting and some heat treatment equipment.

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