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The main technical parameters of electric heating pipe tubular heaters
Dec 22, 2017

The main technical parameters of electric heating pipe tubular heaters

The main parameters of electric heating element tubular heaters:

1. Power supply voltage, V;

2. Power frequency, Hz;

3. Rated voltage, V;

4. Rated power, kw;

5. Working temperature, ℃;

6. Outside diameter, (single head electric heating tube mold aperture), mm;

7. Deployment length, mm;

8. Overall dimensions, mm;

9. Weight, kg.

For how to develop more advanced electric tube material is a lot of companies are in research problems. Most of the electric heating pipe is generally the use of electric heating wire as a heating element. High-quality electric heating pipes are the best quality alloy electric wire as a heating element. But also leads to rods are encapsulated in the tube of magnesium oxide insulation medium to fix the heating element of the heating element. In the lead rod, it is connected with the heating element for the components and power supply, components and components connected with the metal conductive parts. The length of development is the sum of the straight line and the bending length of the metal pipe on the element pattern.

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