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The nitrogen electric heater
Sep 27, 2017

The nitrogen electric heater has a reasonable structure, complete matching, short installation period, simple operation, high degree of automation, and a wide range of safe and reliable application.

Equipped with advanced operation control and safety supervision system, it can accurately provide process temperature for heat equipment and automatically adjust the thermal load of the control system through the set temperature feedback. Using closed circuit heating, the heat loss is small, the energy saving effect is remarkable, and can satisfy different multiple heat equipment. Low operating cost, quick recovery investment.

Working principle:

The nitrogen electric heater is generated by the electric heating element inside the heater. By way of forced convection heat to medium, medium by importing into the container, container by heating when using fluid thermodynamics principle, the electric heater work produce huge quantity of heat, the medium as a heat transfer fluid through the pump forced transfer out, achieve heat transfer in a row, to achieve the requirement of the process of heating.

When the temperature of the medium is close to the set value, electric heater temperature control system based on output sensor signal, the PID arithmetic, automatically adjust the heater power output, make the medium temperature of the outlet reach the required requirements; When the heating element exceeds the temperature, the overheating protective device of the heating element automatically shuts off the heating power to prevent the heating element from burning and prolong the service life.

Main functions:

The nitrogen electric heater adopts intelligent automatic control, automatic temperature display, constant temperature protection and overtemperature alarm. Heating temperature control in the plus or minus 3 ℃, thereby ensuring the device fully meet user requirements. It has advanced multiple protection and reliable monitoring devices.

A. Regular electrical protection, such as short circuit protection.

B. Monitor process temperature and bring alarm output.

The control algorithm adopts fuzzy control theory and PID parameter setting can be completed automatically.

D, a temperature and temperature alarm system independent of temperature control. When the heater exceeds the set value, it will not automatically reset the electric heater and output a contact signal.

E, can provide several interlocking interfaces, so that the interlocking (such as the fan) can be used to ensure that the heating of the heater is flowing, ensuring the safety of the system.

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