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The Principle of K Type Thermocouple Temperature Measurement
Dec 28, 2017

The Principle of K Type Thermocouple Temperature Measurement

Thermocouple temperature must be thermocouple, connecting wires and display instrument composed of three parts. The diagram below shows the simplest thermocouple temperature measurement.

Thermocouple thermometer schematic

Thermocouple thermometer schematic

According to the composition of the thermocouple core and thermocouple wire 1, if the hot end of the thermocouple heating, making both ends of the cold and hot temperatures are different, the thermocouple circuit will produce thermoelectric power, this physical Phenomenon known as the thermoelectric phenomenon (ie, thermoelectric effect).

The potential generated in the thermocouple loop consists of a thermoelectric potential and a contact potential. Contact potential: it is two kinds of different electronic density of the conductor contact each other when a thermoelectric power. When two different conductors A and B are in contact, assuming that the electron densities of the conductors A and B are Na and Nb and Na & gt; Nb, respectively, the diffusivity of the electrons in both directions is not reached at the contact surfaces of the two conductors , The number of electrons diffused from the conductor A to the conductor B is larger than the number of electrons diffusing from B to A. Conductor A loses electrons and is positively charged. Conductor B obtains electrons and is negatively charged. Thus, an electrostatic field from A to B is formed on the contact surfaces of the two conductors A and B. This electric field will impede the continuation of the diffusion movement while accelerating the movement of the electrons in the opposite direction to increase the number of electrons from B to A , And finally to dynamic equilibrium. At this point A, B also formed between a potential difference, the potential difference is called contact potential. This potential is only related to the nature of the contact point of the two conductor temperature, when the two conductors of a certain material, contact potential is only related to the temperature of its contacts. The higher the temperature, the more active the electrons in the conductor. The more electrons diffused from the A conductor to the B conductor, the greater the electromotive force generated at the contact surface, the greater the contact potential.

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