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The principle of the hot plate and its use
Jun 22, 2018

Electric plate is a kind of electric heating equipment, it is based on electric heating wire as a heating material to mica soft board and other materials as insulating material, the outer layer covered with stainless steel and other materials, thermal conductivity plate. The hot plate is one of the most common electric heating equipment, such as electric water bottle is a typical example of the application of the hot plate.

    1, the principle of the hot plate

    Heating plate heating material is mainly electric alloy wire, its working principle is very simple, simply is the electric effect. Electric work, the current through the electric alloy wire, electric heating wire will heat, the electrical energy into heat, and conduction to the outer shell. The electric plate is designed with insulating material to ensure that the current when the electric alloy wire is working does not cause the user to have hidden trouble.

    2, the advantages of electric panels

    The electric plate is mostly thin plate design, simple structure, uniform heat, easy to install and easy to use. The electric plate is made of stainless steel, ceramic and other materials as the outer shell. The electric heating alloy wire is enclosed in the interior of the electric heating plate. Therefore, it is closed and heated without open flame, no smell and good safety. It is suitable for all kinds of work surroundings.


    3, the classification of hotboard

    At present, the hot plate is not clearly classified in the market common hot plate with stainless steel heating plate, ceramic heating plate, silicone rubber heating plate, carbon crystal heating plate and carbon fiber heating plate, the main difference is in the outer shell material Different or inner heating materials are different, such as stainless steel heating panels and ceramic heating panels are different shell material, the rest of the heat for different materials.

    4, the use of electric panels

    The advantages of the hot plate are numerous, so there is a very common application in the production life, from the ordinary heating, electric water bottles, to the experimental environment of the laboratory to keep the temperature, and ultimately, the use of electric panels. At present, the hot plate has been widely used in industrial, agricultural, civil, national defense, science and technology and health care and other fields.

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