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The role of magnesium in the electric tube can not be ignored
Jan 18, 2018

The role of magnesium in the electric tube can not be ignored

Electric heating tube in the production process, the role of magnesium powder is often overlooked, irregular filling magnesium powder led to the use of electric heating tube in the process of instability, through the magnesium particles in all instructions are marked as 40 ~ 325 mesh range, as well as a variety of mesh with the ratio, so the filling of magnesium powder and the quality of the heating pipe has the necessary links.

Yancheng Ruigao electric finishing in the electric heating tube production process of loading magnesium powder normal need to pay attention to the three major items:



First, whether the manufacturer of magnesium powder with this ratio, the actual use of test data there is coarse sand and fine sand serious over the issue;

Second, the magnesium powder in the long-distance transport process will appear different mesh separation of mesh phenomenon, in the absence of re-mixing before use directly into the silo, the flow rate can not be guaranteed;

Third, the electric heating tube in the production process of magnesium powder in the filling machine in the course of the shock will cause the powder granary sand sub-screen;

Of course, factors affecting the flow rate in addition to the mesh with the ratio, the humidity of the moisture content of the flow rate is also a considerable impact, which is magnesium powder plant must be a real-time attention to detail.



The above is the Swiss high electric to help you organize some knowledge about magnesium oxide powder, in particular, magnesium oxide powder in the electric tube in the knowledge point, I hope to have a more in-depth understanding of the electric tube.

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