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The safety of electrothermal film is introduced
Jan 22, 2018

The safety of electrothermal film is introduced

The safety of electrothermal film is introduced

A considerable number of people in winter began to find a better way to replace the traditional heating heating methods. Some people think that even if installed air conditioning heating and cooling problems are solved, but not in real life, air conditioning heating brings a lot of discomfort.

Electric film in the introduction of China, they gradually entered the people 's daily life. Its design principle and heating effect just in line with the principle of heating in Chinese medicine, in Chinese medicine to promote the "warm enough and cool top." Modern medicine also shows that when the foot of the low temperature, the human body will feel cold, long-term so, blood pressure will be a corresponding rise, but also other diseases.

The electric film system uses the entire surface of the uniform heat radiation as a cooling system, the heating task by the far-infrared radiation to bear, the heat from the bottom of the radiation upward heating room air, the bottom of the temperature higher than the human respiratory line temperature, Comfortable feeling. At the same time, the temperature difference between the various parts of the room is very small, the temperature distribution within the room evenly.

Then the electric film is safe? Electric film heating system security is extremely high, without any security risks, is a very mature product. The relevant departments of the test, its insulation level, pressure capacity, leakage current, flame retardant have reached the corresponding national standards, users can rest assured that use. Hardware electrical network on the safety of electric film as follows:

1, electric film leakage current center line is less than 0.126mA; phase line is less than 0.136mA.

2, the electric film has a flame retardant, will not lead to the spontaneous combustion of electric film.

3, electric film breakdown voltage of 1200V or more, so the voltage in the 220V operation will not have the risk of breakdown.

4, electric film heating system is a low-temperature radiation heating system, electric film in the operation of its surface temperature is only 40 ℃ -50 ° C.

5, electric film heating system has a temperature control device, the thermostat will automatically control the entire system, when the indoor temperature reaches the user's requirements, the entire heating film heating system to stop running, when the indoor temperature is lower than the user's requirements, the entire Electric film system automatically start running.

Because there is no industry-standard specifications, there are uneven electric film products, manufacturers are in accordance with their own standards of production, so that the emerging industry has been greatly restricted, the situation is very grim, the state developed a "low-temperature electric heating film "Industry standards, to regulate the industry, from design to research and development, from production to sales, have been layers of inspection, and the establishment of geothermal heating film for the standardization of production base, to lead the development of electric film industry, electric film better service In people.

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