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The scope of use of electric heating pipe
Jun 22, 2018

1. Used to dry wood, paper, printing and dyeing, paint, etc., with finned electric tube.

2. The salt and other salt substances in the melting heating, dry electric heating tube.

3. Melting low melting point alloys, such as melting lead furnace, melting furnace, etc.,

 a single head electric tube.

4. Building heating, electric film and so on.

5. Heating the flow of air and still air, a duct heating box and so on.

6. Infrared radiation heating device, there are far infrared heating tube (quartz, ceramics)


7. Low-temperature electric furnace such as air circulation of industrial furnace, electric oven 

and so on.

8. Oil, water and other chemical liquid, electroplating bath in the heating device, a 316L heating

 tube, Teflon heating tube, titanium heating tube.

9. Seawater electrothermal distillation unit, with 316L heating tube.

10. Alkali and acid heating device, there are acid and alkali heaters.

11. In the food industry, for a variety of bread, biscuits, pastry baking, water tunnel for 

electric heating device. Plastic products processing molding extrusion equipment and rubber

 products molded vulcanizing device, single-head heating pipe, the average temperature electric

 heating pipe.

12. Medical disinfection equipment, such as sterilizers, sterilizers, etc., infrared heaters.

13. Motor vacuum impregnation equipment heating, enameled wire drying device, fin electric tube, 

far infrared heating tube.

14. In daily life, various household electric appliances, such as electric stove, electric oven,

 rice cooker, electric wok, electric frying pan, water heater, iron and other products, cast 

aluminum heating plate, double-headed heating tube.

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