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the tubular heater Surface blackening process
Dec 08, 2017

the tubular heater Surface blackening process

In the production process of electric heating tube is sometimes used to deal with black, heat treatment is the heat treatment of stainless steel and other metal objects in a process, the surface after treatment there will be a layer of oxide film to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion. After heat treatment will improve the wear resistance of the surface of the heating pipe to improve the hardness of the surface, but will not affect the electric tube inside the parts.

Conventional working conditions, electric heating pipe surface treatment of the most simple black the following steps:

1, first of all metal pipe surface cleaning, keep clean;

2, the second is the surface degreasing treatment, this process can be placed completely in the metal tube degreasing solution. Degreasing liquid PH value of the best around 13, the time is not less than half an hour. After degreasing, rinse with water.

3, the next can be pickling, pickling solution PH value of about 3, the processing time is not longer than 10 minutes can be washed after pickling water;

4, black treatment: PH value of the pool between 2-4, the treatment time of 10 minutes from top to bottom, very clean after the black;

5, the final drying, oiling;

In accordance with the above five points can be carried out on the heating tube black or a very effective method


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