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Thermocouple compensation wire cable
Dec 27, 2017

Thermocouple compensation wire cable

A pair of insulated wires with the same nominal value as the thermoelectromotive force of the matched thermocouple are connected over a certain temperature range (including room temperature), connecting thermocouples to the measuring device to compensate for their connection to the thermocouple Of the temperature change caused by the error. [1]

Precautions for Thermocouple Compensating

1. Compensation wire selection

The compensation leads must be selected according to the type of thermocouple used and the application. For example, the k-type even should choose k-type even the compensation wire, according to the use of occasions, select the operating temperature range. Usually kx operating temperature is -20 ~ 100 ℃, a wide range of -25 ~ 200 ℃. Common level error is ± 2.5 ℃, precision class is ± 1.5 ℃.

Compensation wire

Compensation wire

2. Contact connection

And thermocouple terminal 2 contacts as close as possible, try to keep the two contact temperature consistent. And instrument terminal connection as far as possible the same temperature, the cabinet has a fan of the place, the junction should be protected not to make the fan straight blow to the contacts.

3. Use the length

Because the thermocouple signal is very low, for the micro-volt level, if the use of the distance is too long, the signal attenuation and strong interference in the environment coupling, enough to make the thermocouple signal distortion, resulting in measurement and control temperature inaccurate, Temperature fluctuations can occur during severe control.

According to our experience, usually the use of thermocouple compensation wire length control in 15 meters is better, if more than 15 meters, it is recommended to use temperature transmitters for signal transmission. Temperature transmitter is the temperature corresponding to the potential value into a DC current transmission, anti-interference strong.

4. Wiring

Make sure that the wiring for the compensation wires is far away from the power lines and interference sources. Where can not avoid crossing, but also as far as possible cross-style, not parallel.

5. Shield the compensation wire

In order to improve the thermocouple cable interference, you can use shielded compensation wire. The scene interference source for more occasions, the effect is better. But must be strictly shielded grounding, or shield not only did not play the role of shielding, but enhance the interference.

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