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Thermocouple Installation Precautions
Dec 27, 2017

Thermocouple Installation Precautions

Thermocouple Installation Precautions

(1) thermocouple should be mounted vertically or horizontally as far as possible on the vertical pipe, the installation should be protective casing, to facilitate maintenance and replacement.

(2) the cold junction of the thermocouple should be in the same ambient temperature, should use the same type of compensation wire, and the positive and negative to be connected.

(3) measuring the temperature inside the pipe, the component length should be in the pipeline center line (that is, protection tube insertion depth should be half the diameter).

(4) temperature dynamic table installation, the hole size should be appropriate, installation should be beautiful and generous.

(5) high-temperature area using high temperature resistant cable or high temperature compensation line.

(6) According to the different temperature of different measurement components. General measurement temperature is greater than 100 ℃, the thermocouple should be selected, less than 100 ℃, select the thermal resistance.

(7) wiring to a reasonable appearance, table needle instructions to be correct.

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