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Tubular heater Introduction
Dec 23, 2017

Tubular heater Introduction

tubular heaters, also known as heating pipe, heating pipe, scientific name tubular electric heater components, in the metal tube into the wire-like heating wire (resistance wire) and in its surrounding and filled with good heat resistance, Insulation and insulation of the powder (MgO), both ends of the heating wire with terminal pin or thread bar. It has a simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable, easy installation, long service life and so on. Widely used in a variety of salt stone trough, sink, tank, acid tank, fusible metal melting furnace, air heating furnace, drying furnace, oven, hot die and other devices.

Electric tube is specialized electrical energy into electrical energy components, because of its cheap, easy to use, easy installation, no pollution, are widely used in a variety of heating applications.


Small size, high power: the main use of bundles of heater tubular heating element. Heat fast response, high precision temperature control, integrated thermal efficiency. High heating temperature: Heater design task temperature up to 850 ℃. Medium outlet temperature average, high precision temperature control. The use of limited wide, strong compliance: The heater can be used for explosion-proof or popular places, explosion-proof grade up to d Ⅱ B-class and C-class, pressure up to 20MPa. Long life, high reliability: The heater is made of special electric data, design appearance of low power load, and the use of multiple maintenance, electric heater safety and life greatly added. Can be fully automatic control: according to the requirements of the heater circuit design can facilitate the completion of export temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters of active control, and computer networking. Energy-saving results are obvious, almost 100% of the energy generated heat to the heating medium.


Metal tubular heating pipe typical structure (the most popular structure) generally consists of five parts: insulators, sealing materials, leads to rods, fillers, electric wire, metal sheathing, terminals.

The spiral electric heating wire and lead-out rod are located at the center of the metal sheathing tube. The spiral electric heating wire is inserted into the seamless steel tube, the copper tube or the aluminum tube, and the gap is uniformly filled by the multi-tube filling machine. Thermal oxidation of the media, such as crystalline magnesia powder (also available alumina or clean quartz sand, etc.). And then reduce the tube diameter with a reduction machine, the oxide medium dense (density of 3.3g / cm3 or more), to ensure that the electric wire and air isolation, the central position does not shift and touch the wall. such. The heat per unit area can increase ten times. The service life can also be increased to 10 years. Compared with the same heat of the electric heating elements, tubular heating tube can save 5% of the electric material, and thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%.

Therefore, the view from the electric tube structure, the metal tubular electric heating tube is currently the most widely used, simple structure, reliable performance, long life sealed electric components, can be successfully applied to industrial, household appliances, the use of more and more widely. Hope that more users of the structure of the electric tube with a clear understanding of the principle.

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