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tubular heating element heaters Common Faults and Eliminating Methods
Dec 22, 2017

tubular heating element heaters Common Faults and Eliminating Methods

Short circuit fault

Burned resistance wire

Reasons: A, electric heating pipe caused by short-circuit burned;

B, electric heating tube lead or lead off caused short circuit;

C, resistance wire diameter is too small, lack of capacity;

D, electric socket accumulation of dirt or carbonization caused by short circuit

E, the power cord plug and electric socket short circuit;

Solution: A, replace the heating tube;

B, re-welding;

C, replace the appropriate resistance wire electric tube, under normal circumstances, the resistance of iron chrome aluminum wire can be used.

D, remove dirt, repair or replacement parts

E, repair or replace the power plug or electric socket;

No fever

Reasons: A, for adjustable temperature control heating pipe, temperature control contact with poor contact or burn out.

B, power supply is not normal or power failure;

C, resistance wire has been blown;

D, the power cord plug and the electric socket contact bad, or power line wire break;

E, electric tube has been burned;

F, electric heating tube lead or lead off;

Solution: A, bad heating pipe repair, the proposed replacement;

B, power supply is used normally;

C, the heating tube scrapped, re-install the same type of resistance wire;

D, check the line for repair or replacement;

E, replace the installation with the specifications of the electric tube;

F, re-welding leads or leads;


Reasons: A, the circuit wires fall off and the cup body collide;

B, electric tube burned and the cup short circuit;

C, not connected to the ground;

D, electric socket or power plug dirt too much;

E, electric heating pipe insulation damage;

F, improper cleaning, water exposed into the cup;

Solution: A, check off the wire, re-welding;

B, the electric tube has been damaged Replace the same specifications electric tube;

C, connected to the ground as required and check whether the correct;

D, the right to clean and dry;

E, check the repair if there is such an event suggested replacement;

F, properly cleaned and dried;

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