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tubular heating element heaters Common species
Dec 30, 2017

tubular heating element heaters Common species

Finned electric heating tube

Finned electric heating tube is a kind of electric energy conversion into heat energy, to need to heat the material to heat. In the work, the low temperature fluid medium enters the input port through the pipeline under the pressure, along the specific heat transfer channel inside the electric heating vessel, uses the path designed by the fluid thermodynamics principle to take away the high temperature heat energy generated by the electric heating element work, So that the temperature of the heated medium is increased, the export of finned electric heating tube to get the high temperature medium. Finned tubular electric heating element is a metal heat sink wrapped around the surface of ordinary components, compared with the common components to expand the heat area of 2 to 3 times that of the fin components allow the surface power load is 3 to 4 times the common components . As the length of the component is shortened, the heat loss is reduced. Under the same power condition, it has the advantages of fast heating, high thermal efficiency, long service life, small heating device and low cost. It can be installed in the hair pipe or other static, flowing air heating applications.

Flange electric tube

Flange electric tube (also known as plug-in electric heater): U-tube is the use of electric heating elements, according to different heating medium design specifications, in accordance with the power requirements of the configuration on the flange cover, insert the need to heat the material, heating element work The large amount of heat emitted to the medium to be heated so that the medium temperature, to achieve the required process requirements. When the medium temperature reaches the set value of the process requirements, the control system according to the temperature sensor signal, the PID operation after adjusting the electric heater output power, the heating element of the resistive load to achieve temperature control. So that the medium temperature uniformity, to achieve the required requirements; when the heating element overheating or low liquid level, the heating element interlock protection device to immediately cut off the heating power to prevent heating elements burned to extend the service life. Flange electric tube mainly for petroleum, chemical, food, machinery and other industries various types of storage tanks, containers, fuel tank material insulation and heating. Connection can be flange or threaded face seal.

Titanium heating tube

Titanium electric heating pipe is a titanium tube shell, along the central axis axial uniform electric heating alloy wire gap filling compaction has good thermal conductivity of magnesia sand, both ends of the nozzle with silicone or ceramic seal, this metal heating Component-specific high-corrosion liquid. Titanium heating tube with a simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable, easy to install, long life and other characteristics. Widely used in a variety of highly corrosive liquids. Titanium has a small proportion of widely used in heating water, nitrate solution, acid solution, alkaline solution, proven in the production of titanium corrosion protection equipment applications, high efficiency, long life in electroplating equipment applications, does not affect the bath can be Greatly improve the efficiency of electroplating industry. The effective length of the heating element must be fully immersed in the liquid use.


Teflon electric tube is a new type of strong corrosion resistance of the electric heating pipe, for all kinds of corrosive liquid heating. With excellent anti-aging properties and good performance around the song, using low surface load design. Joints with fully enclosed anti-acid, non-heating section and overheating safety protection system in full accordance with customer demand-made. Good to ensure that the heater is not easy to burn, long life, all sealed, non-corrosive, no leakage, with grounding protection, safe and reliable. Applicable temperature below 110 ° C. Corrosion-resistant Teflon heating pipe with high thermal efficiency, energy saving, cost-effective advantages, can design a variety of structural forms, such as spiral, L-type, U-type, W-type, mosquito-type combination. Has been recognized by a number of listed companies, and as its mosquito coils Teflon electric heater long-term suppliers. We can undertake non-standard products, in voltage, power, size and product shape, and wiring, according to customer demand for engineers to design, welcome to plans to OEM production.

Quartz heating tube

Quartz heating tube, the most commonly used carbon fiber quartz heating tube.

Carbon fiber heating tube, also known as carbon fiber heating tube, infrared heating tube, infrared heating tube, carbon fiber infrared heating tube, carbon fiber infrared heating tube. It is placed in the quartz tube in a carbon fiber wire, tube vacuum seal, in the carbon fiber wire access voltage, the carbon fiber wire heat and produce heat. The company's products using imported carbon fiber heating body, with a large power margin, high temperature, high heat capacity, long service life, and the power can be freely adjusted and so on.

Radiation heating tube

Radiation heating pipe is the electric heating element enclosed in the protective casing within the heat, the casing directly to the heat radiation to the lining and the workpiece is widely used in heat treatment industry, a variety of heating furnace. Radiant heating tube used in electric heating alloy material should have a high resistivity, electric conversion rate. As the radiant tube placed in the casing, the process of heat transfer and general open-type electric heating element is different from the large heat shield, heating process must be on the component temperature control, to prevent overheating components. Radiation tube closed heating, the heating element surface temperature higher than the furnace temperature of about 100 ℃ -150 ℃. Therefore, in the selection of materials to analyze the furnace temperature, furnace temperature atmosphere, choose the right heating material.

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