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type of band heater
Dec 07, 2017

type of band heaterBand heaters, that is, ring-shaped electric heater. And sometimes can be made of plate, that is, electric panels, but the shape of different, essentially the same. In general, the electric lap in accordance with the material, the production process can be divided into two categories: stainless steel band heaters  and casting class band heaters.



Band heater, that is, ring-shaped electric heater. And sometimes can be made of plate, that is, electric panels, but the shape of different, essentially the same. In general, the band heaters in accordance with the material, the production process can be divided into two categories: stainless steel band heater and casting class band heater.

Stainless steel band heaters

Stainless steel ceramic band heaters

High-temperature ceramic band heater is not used in the production of general mica flex line, but the use of ceramic wear wire way, so the power of the product than ordinary 0.5 to 1.5 times higher. The heating element is made of imported stainless steel and the outer cover is made of Japanese stainless steel. The middle temperature insulation cotton (aluminum silicate fiber board) is used to prevent the temperature from leaking. Ceramic is a high-frequency ceramic heat transfer fast, hard non-friable, high temperature deformation is not easy to aging and so on.

Ceramic band heaters Brief performance: It is mainly applied to the extrusion, casting and undershoot mechanical operation temperature can reach 450 degrees, the maximum surface load of 6.5W / cm. Is characterized by long life and high temperature, energy consumption reduced by 30%, high insulation , Is the extruder, injection molding machine, blown film machine most suitable for electric heating products.

Ceramic band heaters have the advantages of easy installation, fast heat transfer and good insulation, and are not limited by size and size. High working temperature, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, no pollution, uniform heating and accurate. Specific advantages are as follows:

1, with a winding, such as heating containers or pipes, can be bent into an arc or circular cladding in the surface heating, such as heating large parts, the local recoverable package complex form, a large area of the workpiece can be tiled cover form. In addition, it is suitable for the heating of various geometric shapes.

2, the working temperature is high, heating up fast, high thermal efficiency, pollution-free, uniform heating accurate, can achieve automatic control.

3, high mechanical strength, thermal insulation properties, and the heated object contact surface, long service life.

4, installation, easy maintenance, the use of low cost, even if the internal heating material damage, while the external ceramic devices can still be reused.

Cast aluminum band heaters

Cast aluminum band heaters can be divided into die casting and casting casting, in the size, size, more occasions, the general use of casting process. Casting production using high-purity aluminum block, the high-temperature furnace from the solid into a liquid, so that after the injection has been installed in the heating tube of the mold, the cooling molding, and then made of finishing made.

Cast aluminum band heaters are 20mm and 25mm in normal thickness. 25mm wall thickness band heaters are designed with concave and convex grooves in order to prevent the internal heating tube from being overheated. For example, when the temperature is high, The use of air cooling or water cooling, making it quickly reach the use of standard temperature. At the same time band heaters is basically used is to separate the circular half, made of two semi-circular, and then fixed with a fixed bolt to install.

Temperature measurement is mainly used for the need to collect the temperature of the temperature signal is the occasion, usually in the curved surface of cast aluminum band heaters in accordance with its design size hole for the installation of thermocouples.

Cast copper band heaters

Cast-plate band heater is a general metal tubular heating element bent into 1 to 5 ring shape, and then silicon-aluminum alloy or silicon-copper alloy cast into a complete piece of electric hot plate. Compared with the tubular element type hot plate, it is more effective with the bottom of the pot heat transfer surface. This structure, mechanical strength, long life, high thermal efficiency, also known as hot plate electric cooker, cooking electric panels, sealed electric plate, dehumidifier board. It is a power board after the heat without electricity and no fire, the shape was round or square, safe and reliable electric heating plate.

The shell-type band heaters are embedded in the shell of the sheet metal stamping forming a spiral electric heating wire, between the spiral electric heating wire and the metal shell filled with thermal conductivity and insulation filler. This metal shell-type structure is simple, inexpensive, but easy to deformation plate, a long time after the thermal efficiency of a decline in the phenomenon, it is generally made of the following 800W small power electric panels.

Plate - type band heaters / plate structure and the shell - type electric hot plate, but the plate surface for the metal casting, so the intensity of the plate is not easy to deformation, the current domestic use of this structure. The tubular electric heating plate is a hot plate formed by bending the metal tubular electric heating element into a plane spiral involute. The metal tubular electric heating element is a semicircular section and the plate surface is flat, so that the cross section makes the electric heating plate and cooking Between the bottom of the pot has a larger heat transfer surface, to improve thermal efficiency.

The requirements for band heaters are:

(1) long life. (Life test: power 1h, power 2h) should be in (2000h) or more; the use of electricity for more than 10 years;

(2) high thermal efficiency, low power consumption, low cost. The international trend of increasing the electric plate electric power in order to reduce the heat storage quality, so as to increase the power without increasing the purpose of electricity. High power, heat storage body is small, the thermal inertia is small, so hot fast, cooking or heating speed, thermal efficiency is high, the user consumption of electricity instead of reducing. For the production plant, the reduction of the heat sink means a reduction in cost.

(3) temperature adjustable. The plate surface temperature of the electric heating board should be able to adapt to the requirements of different use temperatures. For example, boil, boiled cooking requires a temperature of 100 ℃ and fried cooking requires 140 ~ 180 ℃. Too low to fry the food to the requirements of coke yellow, high oil is easy to carbonization, therefore, the board surface temperature is best adjusted in the range of 120 ~ 350 ℃.

(4) easy to clean, anti-corrosion performance is better.

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