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Understand the heating pipe sleeve is what material
Apr 11, 2018

Heating pipe pipe material in the selection process is also an indispensable one of the key factors, heating pipe heating equipment as an important heating element, according to their different working environment, the choice of different materials, if selected Of the heat pipe is not suitable for large losses.

1, stainless steel heating pipe

Stainless steel heating pipe there are many different brands, such as stainless steel 304, stainless steel 321, 316L stainless steel, stainless steel 310S and so on. Conventional non-alkaline water and oil heating can be used with stainless steel 304, there are some acid-base liquid with stainless steel 316L, but the strong acid is not suitable for use with stainless steel 316L, from the temperature point of view, the general operating temperature 300 degrees can be used with stainless steel 304, the operating temperature of 500 degrees in the recommended use of stainless steel 321, the temperature is high on the proposed use of stainless steel 310S. Above purely personal experience, non-accurate theoretical value, for reference only.

  2, titanium heating pipe

Titanium heating tube is generally applied to chrome, acid copper, nickel, passivation, filling, oxidation tank, chromic acid anodizing, phosphating acid tin plating process, so the price of titanium heating tube is relatively high.

  3, Teflon heating pipe

Teflon heating pipe, also known as Teflon heating pipe, PTFE heating pipe, commonly known as PTFE pipe. Teflon heating pipe is generally applicable to strong acid and alkali and other corrosive liquids, the general process temperature ≦ 105 ℃, the advantages of Teflon heating pipe is not adhesion, no scaling, surface cooling uniformity, but the price is high , Due to low temperature requirements, so the surface load in the design should not be too high, so Teflon heating tube low power, high cost, so the use of Teflon heating pipe customers rarely.

  4, quartz heating tube

Quartz heating tube is generally applicable to anti-corrosive liquid, but in addition to hydrofluoric acid, the disadvantage is extremely fragile.

  According to the above description, combined with practical experience, according to the strength of acid-base from weak to strong, we generally choose the material in the order of stainless steel 304 heating pipe, stainless steel 316 heating pipe, Teflon heating pipe, titanium heating pipe. The price is in turn higher. The selection of the tube material of the heating pipe will affect the performance of the heating pipe in different environments, the electric heating element is better than other types of metal heating.

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