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Vacuum heat treatment
Jun 20, 2018

Vacuum heat treatment

1. Vacuum furnace treatment of titanium alloy, it is not appropriate to use nitrogen as a cooling

 gas, because titanium and nitrogen at high temperatures to form a golden titanium nitride.

   2. Vacuum furnace active connection part of all use O-ring rubber seal connection, this part

 are water cooling.

3. The workpiece is quenched in a vacuum state, should use vacuum quenching oil, the oil has a

 lower saturated vapor pressure.

4. Vacuum furnace maintenance should be in a vacuum or pure nitrogen state, to avoid the usual 

when not breathing, moisture absorption.

5. Domestic vacuum furnace pressure rise rate should not be greater than 1.33Pa / h, some foreign

 companies standard 0.67Pa / h

6. Vacuum heating to the main radiation, the workpiece should be kept in the furnace spacing.

7. During the heating process, the workpiece and furnace material will be deflated, so that the

 vacuum drop.

8. Vacuum tempering, vacuum annealing, vacuum solution treatment and vacuum aging of the heating

 temperature is generally the same as the conventional heating temperature.

9. Vacuum tempering furnace should have a quick cooling device. Cooling water pressure should 

be greater than 0.2Mpa, the flow should be adjustable.

10. Cooling gas: steel generally used 99.995 purity nitrogen, high temperature alloy with 99.999

 percent of nitrogen or argon, titanium alloy with 99.995 percent of argon.

11. Heating: into the workpiece, the general pre-pumping to 6.67Pa before heating and heating

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