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What kind of drying equipment is selected for the heating tube
Jun 14, 2018

What kind of drying equipment is selected for the heating tube

But because of artificial drying is man-made control of the drying process, electric heating 

tube to choose what kind of drying equipment? For this question I will be in accordance with

 the drying process is controlled to be divided into natural dry and artificial dry these two.

 So it is also called forced dry. Heating control to do the process is generally carried out

 in the oven called heating and drying.

Can be divided into: according to the drying method of different classification.

It is characterized by the use of gas as a drying medium, convection drying. At a certain speed 

to blow the surface of the body, so that the body can be dried.

It is characterized by the use of infrared, microwave and other electromagnetic radiation energy,

 radiation drying. The dried body is irradiated to dry it.

It is characterized by a comprehensive use of two or more drying methods to play its own specialty,

 combined dry. Complementary advantages, often can be more ideal drying effect.

This is a method of drying the body under vacuum (negative pressure). The green body does not need

 to heat up and vacuum dry. But the use of pumping equipment to a certain negative pressure, 

so the system needs to be closed, difficult to continuous production.

According to the different shape of the dryer is divided into room dryer, tunnel dryer and so on.

Whether the drying process is continuously divided into intermittent dryers and continuous dryers.

 Continuous dryer can be dry medium and the body of the movement is divided into downstream,

 countercurrent and mixed flow. There are some drying methods.

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