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What kind of electric tube can be called high-density single-head electric tube
Jun 19, 2018

High-density single-head electric heating tube is a kind of electric tube, the market has some

 bad business commonly used in general single-head electric tube to impersonate high-density 

single-head electric tube. In order to help our customers identify, today Ssangyong to tell

 you what kind of electric tube can be called high-density single-head electric tube.

     1, see the heating time, the test voltage, the heating tube from the ambient temperature

 rise to the test temperature should not be greater than 15min.

     2, see the rated power deviation, in the full heat conditions, the rated power of the

 heating tube deviation should not exceed the specified range.

     3, see insulation resistance, electric tube factory inspection when the cold insulation

 resistance should be not less than 50MΩ.

     4, to see the insulation pressure strength, electric tube should be in the specified test 

conditions and test voltage to maintain 1min, without flashover and breakdown phenomenon.

     You buy high-density single-head electric tube, may wish to test the above four aspects,

 if the test results with the above discrepancies, you have to consider whether the electric

 tube is qualified high-density single-head electric heating tube.

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