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Why heat pipe leakage
Jun 26, 2018

Occasionally, the use of electric heat pipe leakage, or shorten the life of the problem. These problems may arise on the one hand because the quality of the heating tube itself is not good, on the other hand may also be caused by improper use

      1. The inside of the electric heating pipe is filled with magnesia, and the magnesia at the outlet end of the electric heat pipe is liable to be contaminated by the infiltration of impurities and moisture. Therefore, attention should be paid to the state of the outlet of the electric heat pipe during operation to avoid the leakage accident.

2. Heat pipe for heating easy to melt metal or solid salt, paraffin, asphalt and other substances, the first heating material should be melted, then you can reduce the external voltage of the heating tube, when the melting is completed and then return to the rated voltage. In addition, the heating tube to heat the salt and other substances prone to explosion, to take full account of safety measures.

     3. Electric heating pipe for liquid or metal solid heating, it is necessary to pay attention to the electric tube must be completely placed in the heated object, does not allow the electric tube empty burning situation. After the use of electric heating tube if the outer metal shell on the scale or carbon, to its timely removal, in order to avoid the heat pipe heat dissipation performance and service life impact.

4. The location of the heating tube must be kept dry and the appropriate insulation resistance, if used to find the storage environment of the heating tube insulation resistance is too small, can be low voltage power to be restored before use. The electric heating pipe should be properly fixed before use, the wiring part should be placed outside the insulation layer, and avoid contact with corrosive, explosive media and water.

5. Electric heating pipe for air heating, pay attention to the uniform arrangement of the electric tube, the benefits of doing so is to ensure that the electric tube has a more adequate and uniform cooling space, and as far as possible to ensure the air flow, improve the heating tube heating effectiveness.

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