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Winter feet are numb cold, electric insole easy to use it? What are the benefits?
Jun 18, 2018

Winter feet are numb cold, electric insole easy to use it? What are the benefits?

Some people in winter feel the cold hands and feet is a very common phenomenon. This is mainly because the temperature of the natural reduction, yang deficiency, and the body's own yang will be insufficient, the body appears yang deficiency performance. In addition, because the weather is cold, the human body vasoconstriction, blood reflux ability will be weakened, making hands and feet, especially the toe part of the blood circulation is poor, that is, people often say "nerve endings circulation bad", which led to the total feeling of cold hands and feet. This situation generally occurs in women, the elderly and physical weakness, especially women during menstruation, pregnancy and birth and other special physiological period, due to physically weak, more likely to cause cold hands and feet. If not timely to prevent, will lead to poor mental, physical chills, often cold, severe can also cause lower extremity varicose veins, affect the appearance. In fact, mental workers do not often frequent activities prone to cold hands and feet. Cold will make the body or local blood circulation is bad, or limb distal blood circulation disorder, which will lead to cold feet. Often long cold feet, can be called "cold". Chinese medicine theory that this is Qi, qi stagnation, yang lack of response.

Electric health insoles with far infrared carbon fiber heating element, the electrical energy into the infrared-based heat. The original infrared heating body produces 5um-15um far-infrared radiation (this wavelength of far infrared is the human body and all biological must be) more likely to the body's skin and cell tissue resonance, can penetrate into the skin and subcutaneous tissue deep , Resulting in a warm effect, improve blood circulation, expand the hair vessels, remove microcirculation.

Long-term use of electric insoles can play a blood circulation, active, promote metabolism, at home immune function, play a physical fitness to prevent colds and feet frostbite and so on.


 1, insole built-in 3.7V lithium battery, low voltage will not bring security risks to the human body.

2, charge a continuous use of electricity 4-6 hours, the third gear temperature, low 45 ℃, 50 ℃, 60 ℃ high, the heating temperature of 45-60 degrees, you can use at minus 20 ℃ Oh

3, heating up fast, good insulation, long life, easy installation, does not affect the normal activities

4, full-foot forefoot fever parts, super soft short plush fabric is soft and not hurt the skin and warm to prevent foot frostbite.

5, the use of far infrared carbon fiber material fever, with antibacterial, improve the end of the foot blood flow, good health effects.

6, for the crowd: frail elderly, flesh and blood and easy to foot frostbite and cold hands and feet of the people.

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