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220v 3kw Sauna Tubular Heating Element
Jun 04, 2018

Sauna Tubular Heating Element 

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Available in single- or double-ended termination styles, the versatile and econmical BENO tubular heating element from lends itself to virtually the entire range of immersion and air heating applications. Electric heating tube shape without a standard, according to the different installation space and installation to design the shape of electric heating tube. 

Usually Threaded or Flanged electric heating tube for heating liquid, Finned electric heating tube is particularly suitable for air. Flanged electric heating tube is easy to install, control and maintain, unique designer as your request. For corrosive environments, a titanium material or tubular heating element with an additional Teflon sleeve can be used.


220v 3kw Sauna Tubular Heating Element 

Watt Densities ( If used to heat the liquid )

1-1.5KW/M ( Depending on whether there is a wind circulation )

Watt Densities ( If used to heat the Air )

2-4KW/M(According to Water hardness)

Power tolerance (w)

Usually  ±10%

Working temperature

Max 750ºC


1 piece



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• Water Heating Appliances
• Oil Heating Appliances
• Caustic solutions
• Chemical baths

• Industrial water rinse tanks
• Air and gas flow
• Anti-freeze solutions

• Used in many other applications


When you order the  220v 3kw sauna tubular heating element  please note the specifications as follows:

1. if have drawing, will be very helpful
2. Power,voltage,shape
3. Working temperature
4. material requirement
5. quantity
6. Other requirement required.

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