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220V Industrial Cartridge Heater
May 26, 2018

mold heating element cartridge heater.jpg

Cartridge heater for

Mould Tools, Tooling, Platens, Packaging Machinery, Heat Sealing Equipment, Plastic Process Machinery, Food Process Machinery, Catering, Printing, Hot Foil Printing, Shoe manufacturing Machinery, Laboratory / Test Equipment, Vacuum Pumps, and many more.

The maximum temperature


 Available with a built in Thermocouple 

Type J or K Thermocouple

Diameter (mm)

2.50mm;2.80mm; 3mm; 3.2mm;3.5mm;3.8mm;4mm;4.5mm;5mm; 6mm;;6.5mm;7mm;7.5mm; 8.0mm;9mm;9.53mm; 10mm;10.5mm; 11mm;12mm;12.50mm; 12.7mm; 13mm;13.50,mm;14mm; 15mm;15.88mm;16mm; 18mm; 19mm;20mm;22mm;25mm;28mm;30mm;32mm;35mm
(Non-standard, can be customized)

Tube Material

stainless steel 304 321 316L B. 310S C. INCOLOY 625 ;INCOLOY 800;NCF800 INCOLOY 840

Resistive material


High voltage stability (temperature) Rated voltage

≤24V -500V-DC> 24V 1500V-AC

Insulation resistance (500 [V-DC] unheated)


The maximum leakage current (253 [V-AC] unheated)


Length error

 ± 0.5mm

Wattage Tolerance

+5% - 10% (closer tolerances are available upon special request)

Input voltage

12V-440V (non-standard can be customized)

Terminal unheated length


Non-terminal unheated length


Technical parameter

Tube diameter




Tube material

SS321, SS316L, INCOLY840, Titanium

Insulation material

high-purity Mgo imported from USA

Resistance wire 



Max 40W/CM²

Operating temperature

Max 927ºC

Wattage tolerance


Electrical property

leak current is less than 0.5mA

Input voltage and wattage

customized as request.

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