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380v 500w Die Casting Iron Heating Plate
Jun 20, 2018

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Description for 380v 500w die casting iron heating plate
BENO Iron Cast In Heaters are pressure casted insuring a dense porosity free casting that can been supplied with either cooling fins or seamless stainless steel cooling tubes that guarantee longer life.Iron Cast In Heaters can be casted into any shape and size needed, thus fully covering the part to be heated and virtually becoming the part itself. Most Cast In heat cool bands are made to customer specifications, but standard sizes are available out of stock. 

Feature of customized Square casting iron heating plate
Surface load of casting aluminum : 2.5-4.5w/cm2,working temperature between 150-350°C.
Surface load to casting copper: 3.5-5.0w/cm2, working temperature between 150-450C.
Surface load to casting iron: 4.5-6.0w/cm2,working temperature between: 150-700°C

Application of Casting iron heaters 
1. Plastic Injection Molding Machines

2. Plastic Extruders
3. Oil Reclamation Equipment
4. Food and Candy Extruders
5. Drum Heating
6. Extrusion Dies
7. Holding Tanks
8. Blow Molding Machines
9. Vending Machines
10. Barrels & Heads
11. Food Service Warming
12. Autoclaves & Sterilizers
13. Metallurgical Analyzers
14. Fluidized Beds
15. Hot Runner Molds
16. Pulp and Paper Processing Equipment

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