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A Variety Of Heating Equipment How To Choose The Heating Method Of Science
Mar 03, 2018

A variety of heating equipment How to choose the heating method of science

Plumbing is the majority of urban residents in northern China is widely used in heating mode. If the municipal central heating, part of the cost of subsidies from the government, cheap, stability and security are protected, suitable for large area heating, but the heating rate is relatively slow relative to heating. If it is a home-owned boiler, pre-investment, including the boiler, pipeline installation and maintenance of high-cost, large footprint, and operating costs are very high, not suitable for small family use. Currently, 99% of Beijing residents are using plumbing, Sender China HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. General Manager Guo Zhaneng told reporters that his negative attitude towards heating, because the heating energy consumption is too large. The same energy heating of the thermal conversion rate of only 30% of plumbing, he suggested that if you can use plumbing, should try to use plumbing.

    Of course, electric heating has its irreplaceable advantages. Currently on the market, electric heater heat source is divided into heating cables and electric film. Relative to the plumbing, the heater installation, easy to use, does not involve the problems of piping and boilers, boiler-owned relatively low cost, the key is heating in each room can be used alone, and free to control the temperature level , Heating speed, the degree of freedom is relatively large. But the relative concentration of heating, heating costs slightly higher, China Building Metal Structure Association of heating radiator, Song Weimin, director of the Commission also said that the current heating is only as a supplementary heat source exists, is not the mainstream home heating. Extended reading: winter home heating to prevent heating hazards to avoid the four bad habits

Heating cable vs electric film

    Heating cable is the power for the energy, the use of alloy resistance wire power to heat, to achieve the effect of heating or insulation. Because it is through the resistance of the alloy wire to generate heat, heating cables are line heating, local heat is high, heating surface heating is not uniform, so the human body is not as warm and comfortable surface. Heating cable with the entire root cable, only one connector, if there is failure, the entire line needs to be replaced, high maintenance costs, but the heating cable heating fast, plug the heat, more for timing heating.

Electric film

    The electric film is a kind of translucent polyester film which can generate heat after heating. When working, the electric film is the heating element, and the heat is sent into the space in the form of radiation, which belongs to the heating on the surface and is evenly heated and the human body feels comfortable. Electric film from a piece, a piece of failure does not affect the other area of fever, only need to replace the failure of a piece of electric film, maintenance is very simple. Electric film is thin, mostly placed in the ceiling for heating, but this will cause "hot head cool feet," does not meet the needs of the human body and Chinese health theory. At present, the electric film is also used for geothermal, but its load-bearing and compression are great challenges.

    For the current heated carbon crystal integrated heating, the market there are a lot of argument, but the reporter interviewed Guo Zhaneng, Song Weimin, they said that the heating method do not quite understand, it is recommended that consumers in the choice of heating methods should be considered safe , Energy saving, health and other factors, choose the most reasonable way of heating or heating combination.

Warm to warm the wall

    To warm the ground as a radiator, through the floor of the radiation layer of heat medium, uniform heating the ground, using the ground's own heat storage and heat up the law of radiation from bottom to top to achieve the purpose of heating. Due to the formation of the soles of the feet to the interior of the gradual decline in the temperature gradient, which gives the warm feet cool head comfort, in line with Chinese medicine, "warm feet and cool" fitness theory, so warm in recent years by the vast number of consumers Favor. Extended reading: buy the best floor thickness of hot ground do not exceed 12mm to warm the introduction of local standards

    As the heat source laying in the floor, do not take up wall space, will help the beautiful home furnishings and furniture placed. But also because the heat source laying in the floor, will take up the room level. So the use of floor heating to the room there are certain restrictions.

    In addition, due to the complexity of the warm installation, to warm the industry known as "six products, a quarter of the installation," the characteristics of the heating system from the program design, product selection, construction and installation to after-sales service, professional strong, if the installation or selection Careless, heavy equipment or maintenance of the workload and losses can be imagined. In addition, because the floor warm to the ground through the heat dissipation, the ground made a certain material requirements. Industry insiders suggested that the choice of geothermal floor, should be should not be thick to grasp the thick, good environmental performance, good heat resistance of the principle, try to choose the floor or floor tiles.

    Because the wall warm is the point type heating, depends on enhances the partial temperature, promotes the air convection to enhance the entire room temperature, is not so warm as in the comfort, but the wall warm installs, the use, the maintenance greatly greatly is warm, the use cost is also cheaper than the warmth . The wall warm does not occupy the storey, does not have the limit to the storey, but takes the wall space, is not advantageous to the room overall decoration and the esthetics. However, the wall appeared on the market warm wall paintings, in the heating, but also play a beautiful, decorative role, to overcome the traditional wall warm lack.

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