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Advantages And Common Problems Of Heating Tubes
Oct 24, 2017

Advantages and common problems of heating tubes

Because of its outstanding performance, the heating tube has been widely recommended by the majority of enterprises. The heating tube can not only provide super service on the production, but also reduce the loss of the enterprise. A heating tube can be used for several years if it is properly operated. However, if the operation is improper, it will cause a series of damage, such as common leakage and pipe surface rupture, etc. today, we will introduce some advantages and common problems of the heating tube.

Heating tube has been widely used in household electrical appliances and machinery industry, and here are some common examples:

1, low temperature electric furnace, such as air circulation industrial furnace, electric oven and so on.

2, oil, water and other chemical liquids, electroplating bath heating device, medical disinfection equipment such as sterilizer, sterilizer and so on. Seawater electric distillation unit.

3, the melting of low melting point alloy, such as lead melting furnace, melting furnace etc..

4. Building heating, heating the flow of air and static air.

5, infrared radiation heating device, plastic products processing extrusion device and rubber products molding vulcanizing device.

6. In the food industry, it is used to bake all kinds of bread, cakes, cakes, production lines in the electric heating device.

The molten salts of saltpeter and other heating 7, motor, vacuum impregnation equipment such as heat, enameled wire drying device etc..  Heating device for alkali and acid.

8, used for drying wood, paper, printing and dyeing, paint, heating pipe in the daily life of all kinds of household electric appliances, such as electric cooker, electric oven, electric cooker, electric cooker, electric frying pan, heat exchanger, electric irons and other lie.

Summary of cracking in heating tube This problem often has customer call Advisory, say my heating tube does not use long, will appear tube cracking phenomenon, this phenomenon is what we often say heating tube burst phenomenon. This phenomenon is very common, and it can also be deadly for heating tubes. Many customers ask us directly, is not the quality of the heating tube?. In fact, there are many reasons for the heating tube burst phenomenon, the quality problem is only one aspect, the following is for everyone to tidy up, probably the reason:

1, is the customer's own problems, stainless steel heating pipe for heating water is much groundwater, or tap water, impurities, easy to scale, the scale is too thick, will cause the internal temperature of heating tube to diffusion, resulting in heating tube explosion.

2, the second possibility, the heating pipe appearance material may be the wall thickness of the pipe, there may be a stainless steel pipe joints, resulting in heating tube cracking.

3, is the third possibility, magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide powder very many, the best of which is high temperature resistance of the modified magnesia powder. If the inferior magnesia powder, when stainless steel heating pipe work, will also appear inside the stainless steel heating pipe expansion, and tube explosion.

4, fourth possibilities, the so-called "moderate" is very important, everything exceeds a certain degree, will achieve qualitative change. Stainless steel heating tube is the same, stainless steel heating tube power setting is too high, the surface load is too large, the internal temperature is too high, easy to cause heating tube internal expansion, leading to burst tube.

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