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Advantages Of Digital Electromagnetic Heater
May 28, 2018

Electric heaters, as the name suggests, is to be heated by means of electricity, excluding steam and other methods. According to the use of the environment can be divided into: explosion-proof heaters and general heaters. According to the use of distinction can be divided into: industrial heaters and civil Heater can be divided into many kinds according to the commodity: air heater, air heater, electromagnetic induction heater, digital electromagnetic heater, bolt heating rod, cast aluminum heater, cast copper heater, cast iron heater and so on The

Digital electromagnetic heater is a kind of electromagnetic induction principle will be converted into thermal energy equipment. Will be 220V or 380V, 50Hz AC power into a frequency of 20-40KHz high-frequency high-voltage, high-speed changes in high-frequency high-voltage current flows through the coil will change the alternating magnetic field, when the magnetic field magnetic field through the magnetic metal Material will occur in the metal body a lot of small eddy current, so that the metal material itself quickly heat, and then heating the metal material barrels of things. At the same time, cooperation in high-performance insulation equipment, the maximum reduction in heat loss, so that you can achieve substantial savings in electricity. The use of this heating method, the energy conversion power up to 90 ~ 95%. It is mainly used for plastic injection molding machine, plastic wire drawing, blown film, granulation, extruder (including cable production extruder), extruder, thermoplastic plastic pipe, plastic profile production, pipe tracing (such as oil pipeline) The It also has

★ plastic machinery energy saving and technological innovation.

★ saving electricity up to 30% to 75%.

★ improve the quality of business goods, improve production power.

★ good environmental protection role, a significant decline in the production plant temperature.

★ completely prevent the traditional heating methods to bring the insecurity.

Conventional electromagnetic heating is an imitation of the heating program, and the maintenance of this plan is done by the MCU, but because the MCU that simulates the heating plan is only used to trigger and close the heating system. And can not directly control the power system operations, it can only do more than the maintenance of external parameters, such as: dry, over temperature, over pressure and so on. And as the phase capture limit, failure to determine the maintenance, the output current sub-file maintenance can not be done, if the operation of the power system parameters change, it is very simple damage.

Digital heating plan to announce the above maintenance function, to ensure the stability of the power system operations, to prevent damage to the equipment or other causes of power system parameters caused by changes in equipment damage. And because the center is a smart system, so the flexibility of the subsequent expansion and adjustment of the function also has the imitation of the heating program is not comparable to the superiority. And in the power to do as small as 100W, up to 2.6KW-40KW, completely barrier-free adjustment.

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