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Air Heater And Duct Heater Applications Are Different
May 19, 2018

The use of the size of the heater, the air heater is a very wide range of heaters, we are simply called it air heater, in fact, according to the heating gas is not the same, can be refined into many varieties, more common Nitrogen heater, hydrogen heater. These can also be called ducted gas heaters. Has been widely used in aerospace, weapons industry, chemical industry and institutions of higher learning and many other research and production laboratories. Especially suitable for active control temperature and large flow of high temperature joint system and accessories test. Air electric heater use of the scale of the width: to any gas heating, the occurrence of hot air boring without water, no electricity, no combustion, no blasting, no chemical corrosion, no pollution, safe and reliable, heated space heating fast Controllable)

The air heater is an electric heating device that primarily heats the gas flow. The heating element of the air heater is a stainless steel electric heating tube, and the inside of the heater is provided with a plurality of baffles (baffles) for guiding the flow of gas and extending the time of stay in the cavity so that the gas is sufficiently heated so that the gas Heating evenly, progressing heat exchange power. Air heater heating element Stainless steel heating pipe, is installed in the seamless steel pipe heating wire, some of the gap filled with excellent thermal conductivity and insulation of the magnesium oxide powder from the shrinkage made. When the current through the high temperature resistance wire, the heat generated by the crystallization of magnesium oxide powder to the surface of the heating tube dispersed, and then passed to the heated air to reach the intention of heating.

Melt-blown skills require a lot of hot air. The compressed air output from the air compressor is dehumidified and transported to the air heater for heating and then sent to the meltblowing die assembly. Air heaters are pressure vessels, while resisting the effect of high temperature air oxidation, and thus the need to use stainless steel materials. The heating element of the air heater is a stainless steel electric heating tube. The heater chamber is provided with a plurality of baffles which extend the air at the time of stay in the heater chamber to progressively heat exchange power. Appropriate to add the number of heating tubes, progressive air heater installed power, can shorten the production line to drive the heating time. Melt blowing technology has a high demand for temperature control accuracy of draft air heaters, and the draft air temperature needs to stabilize at ± 1 ° C.

Duct heater in the days and production to play a serious effect, it shows a great savings in the process of electric heating the cost of consumption, on the production and the day has an excellent effect, with the power industry to carry out and the introduction New skills, in the thermal power plant will be the original hydraulic ash removed into dry ash, so that not only save a lot of water, grain, but also the coal ash for its human contribution. The air heater can be made of coal ash into cement, fly ash brick, construction road, but also to improve environmental pollution, benefit and citizens.

Air duct heater is through the air supply system, so that the air into the air duct heaters constitute high temperature, high pressure gas discharge, it is a body and the control system of some of the composition of the heating element selection of stainless steel pipe to do protective casing, high temperature resistance Alloy wire, crystalline magnesia powder, the use of tightening technology to control some of the leading use of digital circuits, integrated circuit flip-flop, high pressure SCR, etc. constitute adjustable temperature, temperature system to ensure the normal operation of the electric heater . In addition to the control in addition to the installation of over-temperature protection, but also in the fan and the wind-type electric heater installed between the transport equipment to ensure that the electric heater is necessary to start the fan after the start, in front of the heater plus a poor Pressure equipment, to prevent fan problems, air duct heater heating gas pressure should not exceed 0.3Kg / cm2, in order to go beyond the above pressure, please use the cycle of electric heater; low temperature heater gas heating the maximum temperature is not Beyond 160 ℃; medium temperature does not exceed 260 ℃; high temperature does not exceed 500 ℃.

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