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American Physicists Heated An Aluminum Foil To 2 Million Degrees Celsius
Nov 25, 2017

American physicists heated an aluminum foil to 2 million degrees Celsius

X ray laser power of the world's largest heating of a piece of aluminum foil with American physicist, let it become one of the world's highest temperature aluminum foil material in a short period of time, the temperature reached 2 million degrees Celsius, the sun is only the heart or the nuclear center position over this temperature.

Under the bombardment of X rays, the aluminum foil in the device becomes a high temperature dense material with an amazing temperature of 2 million degrees centigrade.

With the largest power X ray laser heating an aluminum foil in the world, American physicists have made the foil the highest temperature in the world in a short time, reaching 3 million 600 thousand degrees Fahrenheit (2 million degrees Celsius), the National Geographic magazine reported. It's a shocking temperature, and only the heart of the sun or the center of the nuclear explosion is over that temperature.

In fact, heating to such an amazing temperature is not the goal of American physicists, but the side effects of other studies".

At that time, the team wanted to develop a roadmap for studying the plasma in the universe. Plasma is a kind of gas with the same number of electrons and cations. Unlike other gases, the gas can conduct electricity and react to the magnetic field.

For the study in the city of San Mateo in the United States California SLAC National Accelerator laboratory. Physicist Richard Lee, who participated in the study, said, "we have obtained an extreme form of plasma - the data of rarefied plasmas. This material is very easy to diffuse and can hardly be observed in vacuum. The purpose of this time is to study other extreme forms, such as high temperature dense materials. Once you get their data, you can improve your computer model and learn more about what happens in the plasma spectrum." Research papers on high temperature dense materials are published in the journal Nature recently.

In order to form high temperature dense materials, Richard and his colleagues used the SLAC laboratory linear accelerator coherent light source (LCLS). LCLS can quickly emit the strongest X ray pulse in the world, and can focus the laser pulse on a point where the width of the red cell is only 1/3. Instead of heating the top of the sample directly, the pulse is heated from inside to outside to make it evaporate. Richard said: "the samples will erupt like volcanoes or craters."

By aligning the ultra fast and unified laser beam on a small area of the stamp sized aluminum foil, the scientists turned the aluminum foil into a plasma.  After repeated experiments, scientists collected a large amount of data about little-known plasma properties. At present, the research team is using these data to predict the plasma type between the two extreme forms, that is, the warm and dense materials they call.

This study will help astrophysicists further understand the process of nuclear giants such as Jupiter and deep inside the sun. In addition, studies have found that scientists who can help control fusion energy also help scientists.  The release of fusion energy at the merger of two light nuclei has been the Holy Grail of clean energy advocates. At present, Livermore's National Ignition Facility in California is trying to bombard the target into plasma with laser, and then to initiate nuclear fusion. In order to do this, researchers must first determine how to adjust the laser to control the warm and dense matter that may appear in the fusion reaction.

The results of the SLAC lab may provide Livermore researchers with relevant data to help them improve the device. By determining the upper limit of the energy of the X ray laser to avoid destroying the sample, the new discovery will also help researchers use X ray lasers as a microscope to explore the inner scene of precious cultural relics and other objects. Richard said: "we destroyed the target in the experiment, but most people want to use X ray laser to see through their target, just like Superman to use the eye to emit X ray observation samples, not burned samples."

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