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Analysis On Characteristics Of Electrical Fire In China And Study On Countermeasures
Jan 25, 2018

Analysis on Characteristics of Electrical Fire in China and Study on Countermeasures

1. Purpose

This regulation is formulated to regulate the use of electric heaters for ships and marine engineering (hereinafter referred to as "vessels") and to avoid accidents such as electric shock, burning and fire caused by improper use.

2 Scope of application

This regulation is applicable to the safety management of all the plates, pipes, and preheated ceramics used in the construction of the Group's ships and other types of electric heaters.

3 job application

3.1 Before the use of electric heaters within the field must be used by the person responsible for the application to the work area / workshop, the work area / workshop safety management personnel for approval, contact the work area / workshop professional electrical wiring. The application form should include: the use of the person in charge, on-site guardians, the use of places and heating parts, work area / workshop approval of the views and electricians on the heater status and wiring to confirm.

3.2 Before using the electric heater on the ship / marine site, the temporary electric wire installation application form must be filled in by the project supervisor, and the electric supervisor or the safety supervisor may approve and use it.

4 safe use requirements

4.1 rainy days without rain measures, prohibit the use of; wet or small space, to be well planned to prevent an electric shock.

4.2 Heater before use must be a professional electrician to conduct a comprehensive inspection to confirm intact, no leakage phenomenon after paste inspection logo.

4.3 heater must be used in connection with a special junction box, the heater can not be directly used in parallel with other electrical appliances.

4.4 Heater should be used in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of personal management and monitoring.

4.5 Power cord must be standardized and aerial, power line paste obvious warning signs.

4.6 Heater must be bundled firmly tied to use the wire shall not touch the middle of the heated ceramic pieces of resistance wire to prevent power after the injury wounding, heating ceramic pieces to gently, ceramic pieces of serious damage or exposed wire resistance is not allowed to use .

4.7 Use silicate cotton insulation, be careful not to wrap the power cord, wearing a dust mask during the dressing process.

4.8 Before turning on the electric heater, check again whether the cable is in good condition, whether the connector is loose, whether the live parts are exposed, whether the connection between the heater chip and the heater output connector is correct, and so on.

4.9 Heater start, first check the heater number of the instrument is normal, then set the heating parameters and procedures to check the no-load heating output port of the control switch and the output switch is turned off, and then open the load terminal output switch, Finally, start running, start the workpiece heating.

4.10 heating area to pull a clear warning signs, prohibit the entry of unrelated personnel, the process of sending someone to monitor, the operator is strictly prohibited to touch the heating film, to monitor the instrument and heating the situation at any time.

4.11 heating process, such as the occurrence of porcelain shell burst, the insulation layer is burned and other phenomena resulting in live parts exposed, you must immediately stop heating, the heater replaced after heating. If the temperature exceeds the set temperature trend, should immediately power, so as not to damage the heater, the workpiece or an accident, and immediately feedback to the relevant technical staff troubleshooting, to be restarted after troubleshooting operation.

4.12 After heating, first cut off the power and then unplug the cable plug, pay attention to plug the cable between the heater and the heater before the connector, be sure to confirm whether the power has been cut off, prohibited live operation. Power must be cut off after the temperature reaches the room temperature and then remove the heating plate to prevent the occurrence of burns.

4.13 Other operations of the parts to be heated must be performed after the heater has been disconnected from the power source. Do not perform other operations (such as welding, machining, etc.) during the heating process.

4.14 end of the heating, the use of departments responsible for the implementation of the person responsible for the removal of electric heaters custody, clean up the scene, do a good job cleaning.

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