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Application And Analysis Of AC Servo Motor
Mar 06, 2018

Application and Analysis of AC Servo Motor

Automatic control system not only in theory, rapid development in its application devices are also changing. Modular, digital, high-precision, long-life devices every 3 to 5 years there are replacement products available. The characteristics of the traditional AC servo motor is soft and its output characteristic is not single-valued. The stepping motor is generally open-loop control and can not be accurately positioned. The motor itself has speed resonant region. The PWM control system has poor performance of position tracking, DC motor servo system with its excellent performance is widely used in position servo system, but it also has shortcomings, such as complex structure, in the ultra-low-speed dead zone contradiction, and the commutation Brushes can cause noise and maintenance problems. At present, the new permanent magnet AC servo motor has developed rapidly, especially from the square wave control to the sine wave control, the system performance is better, its speed range is wide, especially the low speed performance is superior.

    For the DC servo system often used in radar power amplifier part of the drive motor, when the antenna light weight, slow speed, drive power is small, usually tens of watts, you can directly use the DC power control motor. When the drive power requirements of nearly kilowatts or kilowatts or more, select the drive program, that is, to enlarge the DC motor armature current, is an important part of the design servo system. High-power DC power is currently used more: transistor amplifier, thyristor amplifier and motor amplifiers and so on. For the kilowatt-class transistor amplifier used less. Thyristor technology in the early 60s of last century to the early 70s rapid development and wide application, but due to various reasons, such as reliability, many products give up the SCR control. Current integrated drive modules are typically fabricated for transistors or thyristors. Motor amplifier is a traditional DC servo motor power amplifier device, because of its control is simple, durable, the current new models of radar products are still used.

    The AC servo motor is equipped with a special drive, it is much smaller in size and weight of the same power amplifier motor, which depends on the internal transistor or thyristor switch circuit, according to the servo motor photoelectric encoder or Hall device to determine Rotor position at the time, decided to drive the motor A, B, C three corresponding output state, so its efficiency and smoothness are very good. So unlike the need to control the amplifier to do a special amplifier circuit. This kind of motor is generally the permanent magnet type, the drive produces the A, B, the C three-phase change electric current control electrical machinery rotation, therefore calls the AC servomotor; The driver input control signal may be the pulse string, may also be the direct current voltage Signal (usually ± 10V), so there is also known as the DC brushless motor.

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