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Application Design Of PTC Constant Temperature Heater For Low Voltage
Nov 29, 2017

Application design of PTC constant temperature heater for low voltage

The use of constant temperature heating principle of constant temperature heating PTC thermistor can be used in the design, hair straighteners, hair clips, hair perm, perm, splint, ion perm board, ceramic plate, perm hair clamp, hair curler, comb, negative ion perm, machine, massager, mosquito mosquito, mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent incense, perfuming machine device, perfume machine, glue gun, foot heating, gluing machine, vacuum cup, boiling water, coffee machine, coffee coffee heater, heat preservation, water machine, water dispenser, hot milk, water heater, shower, heating electrothermal mosquito repellent device, medicine hand warmer, dryer, electric heating plate, electric iron, electric iron, electric heater, adhesive hair perm, shower, air heater, oven, electric heater, electric heater, air conditioner, air conditioning, heating heating, air heating, hot pot, dry shoes, shoes dryer Device, warm feet, electric heating plate, spectrum analyzer, spectrum therapy, physiotherapy, infrared heating, dryer, motorcycle carburetor, electrothermal humidifier, electric meter, moisture-proof heating incubator, electronic thermos bottle, thermos flask, thermos cup, insulation plate, insulation cabinet, electric heating plate, heat exchanger, hyperthermia, coffee melting wax machine, steam generator, humidifier, humidifier, chocolate extruder, electric iron, acupuncture, catheter, foot warmers, hand dryer, cotton candy machine, massager, liquefied gas heater, small warm air heater, hair dryer, warm room machine, drying machine, dryer, dry clothes, drying equipment, electric power industry the dust hopper heater, electric heating, heating train locomotive, control cabinet, moisture-proof heating monitor moisture, electric oven, electric oven, infusion, medical equipment, household electric po Appliances, small appliances... And so on.


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