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Application Of Tank Device In Oil Tank
Apr 11, 2018

Tank heating is a silicone rubber heating plate. The soft features of silicone heating plate, bending characteristics, in the hot plate on both sides of the holes reserved riveting metal buckle, spring buckle in the barrel, pipe, tank. Installation is convenient and fast. Can make use of silicon rubber heating plate tension of the spring close to the heated parts, heating quickly, high thermal efficiency. Tank heating by heating the barrel of liquid, condensate easily removed, such as the barrel of the adhesive, grease, asphalt, paint, paraffin, oil and a variety of resin raw materials, heating through the barrel, the viscosity decreased uniformity , Reduce the pump skill.

Therefore, the device is not affected by the season can be used year round. TUBE TUBE Surface Mount Sensors, temperature controlled directly by temperature. The heating device comprises a tank body, a power source, a heating source and a heat conduction device. The tank body is provided with a floor. The power source is connected with a heating source through a wire, and the heating source is connected with the heat conduction device. The heating source may be a heating box, the heating box has a heating tube and a heat conducting agent, the heating box is provided with a heat conducting agent outlet and an inlet, the power source is connected with the heating pipe; the heat conducting agent outlet is connected with a pump, the pump and the heat pipe , And the other end of the heat transfer tube is reattached to the inlet of the heat conducting agent. The heating source and the heat conducting device may be combined into an electric heating tape or an electric heating film. The electric heating tape or film is placed under the floor, and the electric heating tape or film contains a heating wire and the power source is connected with the heating wire.

The outer layer of the hose structure is wrapped with a layer of waterproof and heat preservation structure, and the outer layer of the band structure is provided with a sheath. The heating and insulation heating belt structure is formed by folding a flexible belt along the longitudinal central axis thereof, and the soft cloth is unfolded with no less than one binding cord and a soft cloth separated into a heat preservation area and a heating area. The galvanized tube electric heating element is stored in the longitudinal direction of the region. The hose structure can be heated by an exothermic body in an environment where the temperature is abnormally low, so that the hose structure is always used within an allowable temperature range. Be sure to keep the power plug in and the power indicator on the power plug is lit. The range of antifreeze for electric heaters is only valid for the interior of the water heater. Please perform antifreeze treatment on the external piping parts of the water heater. If you unplug the power plug or power failure, then the electric heater will stop working, can not reach the electric heater automatic insulation antifreeze function.

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