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Belt Workshop Using Electric Water Tank Measures
Jan 23, 2018

Belt workshop using electric water tank measures

In order to ensure the safety of electric and fire, avoid the electric shock and fire, the safety measures should be as follows. The staff in the workshop must strictly follow the measures. Otherwise, the electric water tank shall not be used.

        1, electric water tank place within 1 meter are not allowed to store flammable and explosive materials, wiring switch must be intact, is strictly prohibited in the switch on the line, the wiring must be formal operation by the electrician.

        2, due to the larger hot water tank, hot water tank and switch wire must meet the requirements of the use of cross-section of not less than 4mm? Copper cable, cable insulation must be in good condition.

        3, the power socket and switch rated current must meet the requirements, the rated current of not less than 10A. The power supply must use the power specified by the electrician and shall not affect other electrical equipment.

        4, each transmission, use the hot water tank before, should check the power cord and socket intact, does not meet the requirements for power transmission use.

        5, usually no one to use or personnel to leave, you must cut off the power, turn off the electric water tank. Hot water tank should be arranged for the management, timely inspection of water and water, is strictly prohibited to make hot water tank air burning.

        6, on the electric box should be regularly check the integrity of the line switch, do the usual maintenance cleaning work, not free to disassemble and damage the electric box.

        7, electric box needs repair, must be by full-time electrician according to the regular flow to carry on repair.

        8, electric box must meet the requirements of the specified location to use, not free to move, replace the use of locations.

        9, belt workshop should have a qualified fire extinguisher and other fire fighting facilities.

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