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Can We Drink The Hot Burning
Nov 19, 2017

Can we drink the hot burning

The burning hot water to drink? This problem is also intertwined with me. We know that the heater is an electric heater used for heating water, particularly convenient, fast is a few minutes slow ten minutes. But often hear people say hot boiled water to drink, this is true.

We all know that people don't often drink unboiled water, because the water containing bacteria. As with other hot water heating method, is to eliminate bacteria by heating, but the heater in the heating process, the water and some trace elements to the body to kill, the trace element loss too much, long-term use will cause the body lack of trace elements. In addition, some friends in the process of heating time is too long, leading to heavy accumulation of heavy metals in water, people drink after the damage to the body. So, of course, hot boiled water to drink, but can not drink.

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