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CE Certification HomeBrew Fermentation Heating Belt
Jun 12, 2018

CE Certification HomeBrew Fermentation Heating Belt


Shengzhou Beno Electric Appliance Company is a professional manufacturer,which is specialized in electric heating element, water heating element, home appliance electric heating elements and silicon rubber heating pad, heating plate.The products are used in refrigerator,freezer and air-conditioner,electric heater,industrial heater 

The electric heating elements have advantage of long life ,heating fast, safety,energy conservation and environment protection. It is possible to customize various type heating element production what you like in your location marketing.


Feature of Fermentation heating belt 

1.      Long life

2.      Rapid Heating

3.      Safety, environmental protection

4.      Easy installation.

5.      Low cost with long service life and high efficiency. 

6.      It is customizable include shape,surface,specification etc



Customizable of Fermentation Heating Wrap:


  Voltage Range: >12V


  If possible,pls send us the production blueprint or pictures,we can be customized following your requirements



Product description of homebrew heater


Working environment temperature of designed air-conditioner compressor is about 4° C While surround evironment temperature is bellow zero air conditioner is hard to make enough heat to meet the requirement.

In situation, a subsidiary electric heater is necessarily used at end of central airconditioner to make the supplementary heat

 Our subsidiary electric heater series are the most suitable and ideal heating source designed and manufacture for this appliance, moreover, our subsidiary heater series do not need any other subsidiary equipment. They have such many obvious advantage as being easy in installing, safe in operating and maintenance.



FAQ of Fermentation Heating Belt


Fermentation Heating Belt

1.Maintain optimal fermenting temperatue during cold months

2.Easy to wrap around any size fermenter

3.Improved brewing results in cold climate

4.Essencial to any home brewery


Why use a heating belt?

Accurate temperature control is vital for maintaining optimal conditions for your brew.Correct temperature control will reduce the chance of brew infection or stuck fermentation which are the most common home brewing problem.


Why chose a heating belt over a heating pad?

Heating belts give greater control over heating the fermenter.To increase the heat transferred to the fermenter simply move the heating belt down.To decrease the heat,move the heating belt up.The other advantage of heating belts are they  heat the beer itself not the yeast bed,heating pads sit underneath the fermenter and heat the yeast  bed causing which is why heating belts are preferable to pads.


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