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Ceramic Fever Tablets
Mar 10, 2018

Ceramic fever tablets

The high-temperature ceramic heating element is a new-generation low-temperature heating element which is produced by printing the resistance paste directly on the AL2O3 alumina ceramic green body, co-firing at a high temperature of about 1600C, and then processed by the electrode and lead. After the heating wire, PTC heating element after a new generation, widely used in daily life, industrial and agricultural technology, communications, medical, environmental protection, and other needs of low-temperature heating in many fields. Electric household appliances: such as small warm air to take warmer, hair dryer, dryer, heating machine, well-being of mobile phones, dryers, electric plywood, irons, electric iron, straight hair, curling iron, electronic thermos In the industrial sectors such as industrial drying equipment, electric binder, water, oil and acid-base liquid heaters, etc .; in the electronics industry, such as small-scale crystal devices for the thermostat temperature of the special-purpose equipment, such as water heaters, electric heaters, Slot; in medical treatment such as infrared therapy, intravenous fluid heater and so on.

Ceramic Heater Background Information:

With the arrival of various electronic device integration era, electronic machine on the circuit miniaturization, high density, versatility, high reliability, high speed and high power put forward higher requirements, because co-fired multilayer ceramic substrate To meet the electronic machine of the many requirements of the circuit, so in recent years has been widely used. Co-fired multi-layer ceramic substrate can be divided into high-temperature co-fired multilayer ceramic (HTCC) substrate and low-temperature co-fired multilayer ceramic (LTCC) substrate two. Compared with low temperature co-fired ceramics, high-temperature co-fired ceramics have the advantages of high mechanical strength, high wiring density, stable chemical properties, high heat dissipation coefficient and low material cost, etc., require higher thermal stability, Sealing requirements of a higher fever and packaging areas, has been more widely used. HTCC ceramic heating element is mainly used to replace the most widely used alloy wire heating element and PTC heating element and its components. The heating temperature of the PTC heating element is generally only about 200 ℃, the heating temperature is higher than 120 ℃ is generally used in the four-point heating element is generally used in the four-point heating temperature is higher than 120 ℃, Oxidation of lead, due to the large amount of lead and is being eliminated products.

Advantages of ceramic heating plate:

1, simple structure;

2, rapid heating, temperature compensation fast;

3, the power density;

4, the heating temperature is high, up to 500 ℃ or more;

5, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, energy saving;

6, no open flame, the use of security;

7, long life, less power decay;

8, the heating element and air insulation, acid and alkali components and other corrosive substances;

The main raw materials of ceramic heat-sheet:

1, the substrate: the use of white multi-layer alumina ceramic, а-Al2O3 content of not less than 95%

2, Lead: Ф0.48mm with nickel wire.

3, casing, adhesive tape: Teflon, high temperature adhesive tape

4, resistance: tungsten and other high-temperature materials

The main performance of ceramic heating plate:

1, electrical properties

Insulation resistance: R≥5 × 108Ω [500VDC]

Rated applied voltage: 220VAC / 110VAC

Resistance: R + 10% (23 +1 ℃) or according to the user contract requirements.

2, aging test: to impose 110% of the rated voltage, in series with a diode, off 3 minutes for a cycle, a total of 2 cycles without exception.

        3, the voltage boost test: were added 130VAC, 250VAC voltage, in series with a diode, heating plate in each voltage within 10 seconds without exception. [For 230VAC Heater]

4, the thermal test: in the normal voltage, electric heating substrate uniform, no abnormalities.

5, the physical properties

Bulk density ≥ 3.6g / cm3

Bending strength ≥ 260MPa

6, wire tension: axial direction of not less than 5Kgf, and the direction of the axis angle of 45 degrees is not less than 3Kgf.

7, the temperature performance:

Operating temperature 100 ~ 230 ℃: the maximum temperature of up to 500 ~ 700 ℃.

8, heating efficiency: up to 30 seconds working temperature.

9, reliability: 30 minutes after the installation, off 30 minutes for a table cycle, the test after 1000 cycles without exception.

Ceramic Heater Appearance:

Appearance No mechanical damage Burr, crack, rust, pollution, the warpage is not greater than 0.005mm / mm.

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