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China Supplier Spiral Heat Element Electric Stove Wire
May 21, 2018

China Supplier Spiral Heat Element Electric stove wire

Spiral Heating Resistance Wire

Product Description


1. General Introduction of Electric stove wire


Furnace electric heating element is characterisized  by excellent oxidation resistance and very good form stability resulting in long element life. they are typically used in electrical heating elements in industrial furnaces and home appliances.


FeCrAl alloys have higher service temperature than NiCr alloys. but  lower stability and flexibility. 


Power for each element: 10kw to 40kw( can be customized in accordance with customer's requests)

Working voltage: 30v to 380v( can be customized)

Useful heating length: 900 to 2400mm( can be customized)

Outer diameter: 80mm - 280mm(can be customized)

Total length  of  product:  1 - 3m( can be customized)

Electric heating wire:  FeCrAl ,NiCr,HRE and Kanthal wire.


ProductIndustrial Heating Electric Furnace Resistance Wire
Material TypeFeCrAl alloy wire(0Cr27Al7Mo2,0Cr21Al6Nb,0Cr25Al5)/ NiCr wire (Cr20Ni80)
Working TemperatureIf low temperature up to 900 Celsius degree, material can be 0Cr25Al5,Cr20Ni80;
If above 900 Celsius degree, 0Cr27Al7Mo2,0Cr21Al6Nb, pls contact us, we will give best suggestion for you.




2. Main grades and properties






3. Advantages of Electric stove wire


 1  High temperature resistant performance
 2  Fast heating-up
 3  Long Working life-time
 4  Stability of the resistance
 5  Small power deviation
 6  After stretching, uniform spacing of thread




4. Show of Electric stove wire





Our Services


When inquire, please specify the following details so we can serve you the right product


 1Working Temperature: max working temperature and continuous temperature
 2If you have used this kind of wire, please inform both the diameter of the alloy wire and the inside diameter of the spiral heating wire, if you have your own design,our technical will help
 3Material Type: we will give suggestion according to your working temperature
 4Power or the resistance you need, voltage
 5Special requirements if you have
 6The quantity you need




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