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Classification And Applicability Of Oven Air Supply
May 16, 2018

Oven manufacturers are professional production and processing of various types of ovens, the use of national focus on the implementation of energy-saving environmental heating new technology, through the power to the heating tube heating, heat, when it is heated objects can be directly converted into heat, Speed boring effect, to shorten the production cycle, saving energy, improve product quality and other intentions. The oven box is made of angle steel and thin steel plate. Enclosure and work room filled with glass fiber insulation and insulation. The heating system is at the top of the working room. Horizontal circulation ventilation, so that the temperature inside the box even more uniform, this type of drying box can be useful to prevent the existence of the operating room temperature gradient and temperature overshoot appearance, and can improve the work room temperature uniformity. After heating the heating tube heating, and after the motor through the air duct to make the oven internal temperature uniformity. The air supply method is also divided into straight air and horizontal circulation air supply. After a different way to make the heating more reasonable and uniform.

Extra hot air circulation oven air supply method classification and their applicability: hot air circulation oven air supply method is divided into horizontal air supply and direct air supply.

1. Horizontal air supply: suitable for placing objects in the tray baking; water supply hot air is blown out by the two operating room, so be able to bathe in the tray of objects! Baking will be excellent. On the contrary, placed in the tray baked items with a straight air supply is very inappropriate, straight hot air is blowing from top to bottom, it will heat the wind block, so hot air bath less than the following layers, the corresponding baking effect Will be poor!

2. Straight air supply: suitable for baking placed on the grid of objects, the direct supply of hot air is blowing from top to bottom, so the grid, the end of the upper and lower circulation will be excellent, making the hot air can be completely bathed in the object The Of course, placed on the grid of objects can also be used horizontal air, which depends on the characteristics of the object itself! The inner shell of the oven is made of 1.0 A3 cold plate, The job chamber is empty. Between the shell and the liner filled with aluminum silicate fiber insulation layer, the thickness of 90 (mm). Motor power: 40W, additional operating voltage 220V50HZ, the left is the bottom of the blast, both sides of the duct, the bottom of the heating, horizontal hot air circulation, so that the operating room temperature even more uniform. Heating effect for the stainless steel composite heating tube, heating power of 3KW. Room temperature -300 degrees, can be any conditioning, temperature control accuracy plus or minus 2 degrees, indoor temperature uniformity plus or minus 3 degrees. Selection of intelligent digital temperature control instruments, PID conditioning, active temperature control, constant temperature, time control and alarm. The front of the oven is a single door, and the silicate sliver is used. Warranty period of one year, life-long repair.

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