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Classification Of Hot Runners Band Heaters
Jan 26, 2018

Classification of Hot Runners band heaters

Resistance hot runner heating ring

The use of current Joule effect of electric energy into heat to heat the object. Usually divided into direct resistance heating and indirect resistance heating. The former power supply voltage is directly added to the object to be heated, when a current flows through, the object itself is heated to heat the ironing machine will heat. Direct resistance heating of the object must be a conductor, but have a higher resistivity. As the heat generated in the object itself is heated, the internal heating, thermal efficiency is high. Indirect resistance heating by a special alloy or non-metallic materials made of heating elements, heat generated by the heating element, through the radiation, convection and conduction to the heated object. Since the object to be heated and the heating element are divided into two parts, the kind of the object to be heated is generally not limited, and the operation is simple. In this case,

Indirect resistance heating of the heating element materials used, the general requirements of large resistivity, resistance temperature coefficient is small, small deformation at high temperatures and not brittle. Commonly used iron aluminum alloy, nickel-chromium alloy and other metal materials and silicon carbide, molybdenum disilicide and other non-metallic materials. Metal heating elements of the maximum operating temperature, depending on the type of material up to 1000 ~ 1500 ℃; non-metallic heating elements of the maximum operating temperature of up to 1500 ~ 1700 ℃. The latter easy to install, can be replaced by the hot stove, but it needs to work pressure regulator device, the life of the heating element than the short alloy, generally used for high-temperature furnace, metal heating element temperature exceeds the maximum allowable working temperature of the local and some special occasions.

Induction heating coil

The use of conductors in the alternating electromagnetic field generated by induced current (eddy current) formed by the thermal effect of the conductor itself heat. According to different heating process requirements, the induction heating frequency of the AC power frequency (50 ~ 60 Hz), intermediate frequency (60 ~ 10000 Hz) and high frequency (higher than 10000 Hz). Frequency power supply is usually used in industrial AC power supply, the vast majority of countries in the world frequency is 50 Hz. The voltage applied to the induction device by the commercial power supply for induction heating must be adjustable. According to the size of heating equipment power supply capacity and capacity, you can use high-voltage power supply (6 ~ 10 kV) through the transformer power supply; can also be directly connected to the heating equipment 380V low voltage power grid. In this case,

IF power was used in a long time the frequency of generating units. It consists of intermediate frequency generator and drive asynchronous motor. This unit's output power is generally 50 to 1000 kW range. With the development of power electronics technology, is now using the thyristor inverter frequency power supply. This intermediate frequency power supply thyristor first frequency alternating current into direct current, then DC into the required frequency of alternating current. As a result of this frequency conversion equipment volume small, the weight light, does not have the noise, the movement reliable and so on, has gradually substituted the intermediate frequency generating set. In this case,

High-frequency power supply is usually first with the transformer to the three-phase voltage of 380 volts to about 20,000 volts high voltage, and then use the thyristor or high-voltage silicon rectifier rectifier AC frequency rectifier, and then electronic oscillation tube DC into high-frequency, high-voltage AC. High-frequency power supply equipment output power from tens of kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts. In this case,

Induction heating of the object must be a conductor. When the high-frequency AC current through the conductor, the conductor skin effect, the conductor surface current density, the conductor center current density. Induction heating can be the object of the overall uniform heating and surface heating; can be molten metal; in the high-frequency, change the heating coil (also known as the sensor) shape, but also any local heating.

Arc heating coil

The use of high-temperature arc heating objects. Arc is the phenomenon of gas discharge between two electrodes. The voltage of the arc is not high but the current is very large, and its strong current is maintained by the large amount of ions evaporated on the electrode, so that the arc is susceptible to the influence of the surrounding magnetic field. When the arc between the electrodes, the arc column temperature up to 3000 ~ 6000K, suitable for high-temperature melting of metal. In this case,

Arc heating with direct and indirect arc heating two. Direct arc heating of the arc current directly through the object to be heated, the object must be heated arc electrode or a medium. Indirect arc heating of the arc current does not pass through the heated object, mainly by the heat of the arc radiation heat. Arc heating is characterized by: arc temperature is high, energy concentration, steel-making electric arc furnace solution pool surface power up to 560 ~ 1200 kW / square meter. However, the noise of the arc is large, and the volt-ampere characteristic thereof is a negative resistance characteristic (drop characteristic). In order to maintain the stability of the arc during arc heating, the instantaneous value of the circuit voltage is greater than the arc voltage value at the moment the arc current instantaneously crosses, and in order to limit the short circuit current, a certain value resistor must be connected in series in the power circuit.

Electron beam heating ring

The use of electric field under high-speed movement of electrons bombard the surface of the object, so that it is heated. Electron beam heating is the main component of the electron beam generator, also known as electron gun. The electron gun mainly consists of a cathode, a focusing electrode, an anode, an electromagnetic lens and a deflection yoke. The anode is grounded and the cathode is connected with the negative pole. The focused beam is usually at the same potential with the cathode, and the accelerating electric field is formed between the cathode and the anode. The electrons emitted by the cathode accelerate to a very high speed under the action of an accelerating electric field, are focused by an electromagnetic lens, and then controlled by a deflection yoke so that the electron beam is directed to the object to be heated in a certain direction. In this case,

The advantages of electron beam heating are: ① control the current value of electron beam Ie, can easily and quickly change the heating power; ② use of electromagnetic lenses can be free to change the heated part or can be free to adjust the electron beam bombarded part of the area; ③ can Increase the power density, so that the bombardment point of the material in an instant evaporation.

Infrared heating ring

The use of infrared radiation objects, objects absorb infrared, the radiation energy into heat energy is heated. Infrared is an electromagnetic wave. In the solar spectrum, at the red end of the visible light, is an invisible radiation. In the electromagnetic spectrum, the infrared wavelength range of 0.75 ~ 1000 microns, the frequency range of 3 × 10 ~ 4 × 10 Hz. In industrial applications, infrared spectrum is often divided into several bands: 0.75 to 3.0 microns for the near infrared zone; 3.0 to 6.0 microns for the middle infrared zone; 6.0 to 15.0 microns for the far infrared zone; 15.0 to 1000 microns for the very far infrared Area. Different objects on the infrared absorption capacity is different, even if the same object, different wavelengths of infrared absorption capacity is not the same. Therefore, the application of infrared heating, according to the type of objects to be heated, select the appropriate infrared radiation source, so that the radiation energy is concentrated in the absorption of heated objects within the wavelength range to get a good heating effect.

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