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Common Classification Of Electrothermal Tubes
Jun 26, 2017

Tubular electric heating elements are in a metal tube into a metal resistance wire, and in the gap part of the dense fill with good thermal conductivity and insulation of crystalline magnesium oxide. Tubular heating elements can be installed in air ducts to heat air, or in water or other liquids to heat water or other liquids, and to heat metal directly in solid metal. Tubular heating elements with simple structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, safe and reliable, lightweight and durable and so on.

Stainless Steel Heat pipe: Today, the products are mainly used in electric heating boiler equipment, water heating machine equipment, oil heating machine equipment, air dry heating environment, high-temperature electric heating environment and so on.

Single-Hair heat pipe: The main mold heating single hair heat pipe, heat sink single hair heat pipe, plastic mechanical heating single hair heat pipe, dry burning single head heater, rubber mechanical heating single hair heat pipe, ultrasonic single head electrothermal tube, vulcanizing machine single head Electric heating tube, Hot press single head electric tube, vulcanizing machine single hair heat pipe, water burn single hair heat pipe and so on.

Heating tube: According to the equipment matching use, its application field is also different, the overall view products are mainly used in rubber and plastic machinery and equipment, mold temperature machine heating tube, heat sink stainless steel heating tube, kitchen electric steam heater, heat sink heating tube, air-conditioning equipment, vulcanizing machine heating pipe spraying machinery and other fields.

Ceramic Electric Heat pipe: The main tunnel furnace ceramic electric tube, reflow soldering ceramic electric tube, disinfection cabinet ceramic electrothermal tube, wave soldering ceramic electric tube, heating machine ceramic heating tube and so on.

Quartz Heating tube: Mainly has microwave oven quartz heating tube, heater quartz heating tube, aquarium thermostat quartz heating tube, refrigerator quartz heating tube, electric oven quartz heating tube, disinfection equipment quartz heating tube and in environmental protection, chemical, health and other fields of quartz heating tube.

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